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A character commission for a friend
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Très réussi ! ^^
glasslinger's avatar
A beautiful work! I found this on Bing images, female druids..
LiganME's avatar
U can this with full armor ? haha nice art!
nanjurou's avatar
Wow, the barkskin spell never look this badass before.
Katiria-the-Cat's avatar
She looks like Rihanna! O_O
kvcate's avatar
I was literally thinking the same thing!
ComicHeart's avatar
I like her overall design, how it incorporates nature itself to her outfit. The pose is also very dynamic.
Kitpashka's avatar
Oh, nice characters, different and beautiful
Nice hazel eyes. And the dreadlocks really add to her charm.

Now, about that armor... do you think it is comfy? I mean, she might get a sliver. Then again, she is a druid, of course it is very hard wood. It does raise questions about the arm strength needed to lift such a thick wood bracelet (but... in doubt, FALCON PUUUNCH!!!).

Interestingly, the magic staff doubles as a glaive (even though the blade is more of a voulge's blade).
viremaster's avatar
You've got some very solid character design. It's a joy looking around here. 

Keep up the great work! 
YamaOrce's avatar
glad you like it! thanks!!
Rita-Ria's avatar
AWWW - just amazing artwork! Love her expression!
YamaOrce's avatar
glad you like it Rita! hope you are doing well! :hug:
Rita-Ria's avatar
uhuco's avatar
wooow I actually think that this is my favorite of your designs so far *_*
the colors and the practical armour and the style and I love it!!
YamaOrce's avatar
that's great to hear! the armor is not too practical haha but at least covers the vitals
uhuco's avatar
well considering that she appears able to move the vines/bark/stuff, that armour does look practical to me... ;D
YamaOrce's avatar
you have a point there! I was thinking it would be a bit itchy hahaha
uhuco's avatar
badass nature druids don't care about itchy! D:<
xorial's avatar
For iron Gods, you really need a male android magus. :P
DeadCobra's avatar
Very  nice :) (Smile) 
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