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Dragon Age - Hawke fv

Hawke, from Dragon Age 2
Hope you guys like it!
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Very epic!) Fox emoji - yay! 
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soooo epic :happybounce: 
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I really like this. Good job! :)
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OOOOO! This is fantastic!! Love the fire and the glow against his armor. Great job on the details too! <3 
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amazing, Hawke rules
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Amazing piece! Really love the action and the motion in the piece. Great job. Love it!
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looks awesome! 
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Pretty badass. Too bad beards look terrible in game.
Phantasm-Of-Grey34's avatar
Would you mind if I use this picture for a Death Battle template?

Full credit would be given, of course.
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sure, go ahead!
thanks for your support!
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Fucking hell, yes!

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OMG! He looks so hot!
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hahaha indeed!!
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It´s absolutely incredible and all the details takes my breath away!! ^_^
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Ooo and here's the finished one :)
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Looks amazing! Well done! Clap 
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Pretty cool :d
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I seriously wish more cool armors like this was in DA: I. Anyways brilliant work.
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Talk about hot! I love how you detailed this, it is really wonderful!
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