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November 26, 2011
Dragon Age - Hawke Morrigan fv by *YamaO
The suggester says: "The coloring is fantastic, the use of blood is both skillful and unique. All in all, a magnificent work of art."
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by SweetYuya
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Dragon Age - Hawke Morrigan fv

Hawke and Morrigan from Dragon Age series.
Hope you enjoy!

Characters and logo © Bioware

Edit- DD!!!
Thanks for all watchs and faves!! It's truely an honor!!
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CachorroSayajin's avatar
This ship is cursed, but it's a beautiful art
jakedragonhunter's avatar
dunno if its best to say this but these two...are half brother and sister...XD
VarricTethas's avatar
Morrigan with the boring character called Hawke??? Hawke is an ant for Morrigan, she prefer the allmighty Hero of Ferelden.
I loved how the main character in DA2, should you choose the mage path, is an apostate. I really wanted that as a path option in DA: O, but was denied. Oh well. This is still one of my favorite images of DA2. 
ffransis's avatar
"Morrigan, you're Flemeth's daughter.
Teach me the Dragon trick!"
Edarneor's avatar
Not happening, hehe. :) Morrigan and the Warden form first game were saving Ferelden and probably all Thedas from the blight, evetually slaying the archdemon itself, while Hawke was running silly errands around Kirkwall :D
He's just a delivery boy...

Also, I hated the fact I couldn't choose his face in da2. Why? I mean it's a player character after all.
Alizee918's avatar
You could actually choose Hawkes face. The first two faces are the default Hawke, then from there the other faces you pick are the ones that are can be customized to your liking.

Im sure a lot of people picked the default faces because they liked them, but you can actually change it.
Edarneor's avatar
Oh, yes? Well, I take it back then. Couldn't find it, or didn't look cause I though his face is not customizable.

Anyway, that doesn't change the horribleness of DA2 compared to original :D
Alizee918's avatar
Well Origins had 6 years of development, compared to DA2 year -year and a half development. Hell, I played through awakening and I don't care for half those guys (minus Oghren, Anders and Sigrun). Maybe I don't like Justice because I already know what happens >_>
Edarneor's avatar
Well, idk. What was the point of releasing Da2 at all then? Being boring and short..
They could have started to work on 3rd game right away :D (which would be the second then). Ah, greed and money...
Alizee918's avatar
This wasn't a ploy for money. They wanted a sequel but were ONLY given a year and a half to do so by EA. So it was EA being greedy. Hence why Inquisition took a little longer.
pokefreak18's avatar
Agreed. I actually found Dragon Age 2 was well made despite the repeated maps, and lack of world exploration. But the characters and story more than made up for it. Especially sarcastic Hawke. Never not go for sarcastic Hawke.
DuncanGriffen's avatar
Because Hawke is a crucial charac' of the saga, not just the player's character
Edarneor's avatar
Duh.. He's the most unimpressive and cliched character in quite a long time. Not mentioning that the second game was a dull experience in its own.
DuncanGriffen's avatar

*smash the doors and get out*
Edarneor's avatar
Err.. Well - no. :) It's not only me - see for yourself, DA2 is considered worst in the series...
DuncanGriffen's avatar
Ye, but that not because he his the worst of the series it is a bad game (I donno if you can understand me, I have a shitty english)
Edarneor's avatar
Maybe. I was not impressed with him anyway. I doubt a better game could change it :D
SonofPrometheus's avatar
Yes this is what I want! For Hawke & Morrigan to actually interact in game. (Mage) Hawke & Lady Morrigan would make one hell of a Power Couple.

I only created an Account here to post this comment, but I am an avid writer and amateur photographer. For some reason my Avatar Pic won't upload. Is there a certain size it has to be or something?

Addendum: Never mind I figured it out.
Denathil's avatar
I wouldv paid good money to have Sarcastic Hawke and Morrigan in the same room talking to each other.. that would be so entertaining
pokefreak18's avatar
there would either be lots of sex or blood everywhere.
HeroOfTheLastDays's avatar
Ferelden Apostates FTW
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