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DnD sketches

By YamaOrce
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Sketch for fun from one of my DnD groups on their full glory
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This is so cool!

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Ooh, very nice all around. Who are those guys with the ring of chains? Some hostile kingdom or something?

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Ah yes i see you're a man of culture as well
acne27's avatar

Beautiful, one of the best DnD pieces I have ever seen.

Jonerico's avatar

iS tHaT hEroBrInE?

lol amazing work holy crud :D <3

CMgingerink's avatar

These look incredible!

confetti11's avatar

I don't know if you're the GM, but if one of my players drew something like this for a campaign I would be so flattered

Kervala's avatar

Awesome sketches :love:

L1quidGh0st's avatar

Barbarian, Monk, Swordmage?, Cleric, Fighter?, Ranger

SonofHades90's avatar

Awesome, love it! :D

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This is beyond unreal, amazing composition.

Gaston25's avatar

Wow! Love this so much. The amount of detail and the way everyone flows together makes it so great.

I haven't played D&D in years and would love to get back into it. Maybe one day.

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Thanks a lot man! It's an honor!

Looking forward to see more of your stuff!

Der-Khan's avatar

The orcish guys in the center are my favorites! Well done

knightorder's avatar

Nicely done! Looks like it could make a kick-ass DM's screen as well!

Amaniwolf's avatar

Wow, that's awesome!

RonPepperMd's avatar

Super cool Yama!

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