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Pathfinder character commission
Hope you enjoy!
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This is my Cyranni!  Love my monk so much! :)  Yama does the most amazing work! :)
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I love the movement in this! Had to double take to make sure it wasn't a flash animation XD
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On side note... who is mistaking this for a man? Have they ever even *seen* a women before?
About your first entry: well, it sure would be really cool to see this animated. May be a bit difficult, though... but worth it.

About your second entry: ...believe me, I asked myself the same thing. See my not-so-humble comment below.
Well, it's about time I commented on this one. First of all, I find it rather amusing that people think of her as masculine or mannish, only because she doesn't have an idealized, doll-like face... even though she does have a beautiful face. Well, that, or just because she doesn't have big breasts, as if that alone defines a woman.

Of course, Cyranni (suppose it's her name) does have thick arms, emphasized by the lack of a left sleeve. Then again, she needs them that way to wield such a thick staff. One can only imagine the damage she can lay with those.

It is cool that her clothes kind of resemble the ones worn by shaolin monks, but a bit more elaborated and suited for adventure. The pants look very torn. Guess she doesn't care much for presentability, despite being clearly an elf. Heck, she's not even wearing shoes, we can see the shape of her toesies.

And, like always, you don't fail to make her look like an adventurer character :thumbsup:.
She's my character.  Yama and I went back and forth on her clothing.  She's a wild elf, above average strength, very quick, and very no-nonsense.  Everything she has is functional.  She travels with her sister, Ourora, trying to keep her out of trouble.
First, sorry for the very late reply.

Second, so Cyranni and Ourora are sisters... hmm, there had to be something about their very contrasting colors... good to know.

And, most important of all: it would be nice to know their story. Anyway, thank you for gracing us with truly cool character concepts (and also for choosing Yama Orce to give them life :thumbsup: ).
Cyranni is the older of the two.  Their father left when she was quite young, "adventuring", and her mother died shortly afterwards, so Cyranni was adopted by a monastery and raised as a monk.  When she was older, she went on a quest to follow her father's path and find him.  She found that he'd left their mother and fell in love with a Nereid, and since Elves are immune to charm, he did it of his own free will.  She drowned him but conceived Ourora, making her half elf, half water elemental (Water Genasi).  Nereid, being poor parents, dropped the infant off in the woods where she was found and raised by druids, as a druid.

Cyranni is an elemental monk, logical and consistent, and Ourora is a water genasi wild shape druid, quite literally a free spirit.  They argue all of the time, about pretty much everything, but Cyranni is committed to protecting her little sister, her only family, and Ourora loves her, at least as far as she knows how to...she's quite flighty :)
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Nice character, and like concept and this motion pose this looks cool
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like her - and the colors!
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glad to hear that!! thank you! :hug:
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Looks like a man, but with a little feminine side to him.  Nice outfit and pose- which reminds me of Soul Calibre artwork.
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I'm sorry to ask this, but... Male or female? Semi-feminine face, but everything else looks male...
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Warriors have no gender
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LOL! Alright then. Definitely a difference of opinion there, but thanks for replying. :)
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I love the design work :D
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Your very welcome :)
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