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Cornelia Vogel comm

By YamaOrce
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A character commission. Hope you enjoy!
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© 2014 - 2021 YamaOrce
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She's amazing.
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Hello, I would like to use this image for DnD 5e Homebrew Artificer guide. Is that possible and would you like credit?
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Me Likes your tiefling
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On her right side of the head (our left). Can't tell if that's scales, burn marks or just hair. Would really like to know if it's suppose to showcase her tiefling nature or if I'm just reading too hard into it!
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Dude! STHAAP!! XD I gotta go to bed sometime :D your stuff is so good!
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Fantastic work, I love the colors, details, and the expression.  She comes across as very educated, kinda wonder about her backstory.  This image makes me want to play another Gunslinger.  
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found this through a google search for tiefling gunslinger for character portraits for a character i was playing...AMAZING work
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 ...Okay, what do we have here? A demon woman (I know, a tiefling), red tail, big horns, yellow slit eyes (and glasses), in rather heavy clothing, leather boots and gloves (isn't she hot in there?), wielding a saber AND a big ol' freakin' RIFLE (complete with a scope), which probably can blast a hole in a castle's door.

Yup. She IS trouble. Actually, rather cute with those glasses. But intimidating all the same. I'd give her a wide berth is she was in town.

Dunno about the commissioner's idea, but my impression is that she could very well be a bounty hunter. With all her crazy preparation and her tiefling cunning, am sure she could make a living. But this is just a thought.

Funny thing, the name "Cornelia" is the feminine form of "Cornelius", coming from the Latin root for "horn", and the surname "Vogel" is Germanic for "bird". So... "horned bird"?
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thanks a lot!!
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wonderful work! So strong (both character and painting!)
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Glad to hear that! Thanks a lot Rita! :hug:
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buen diseño! mucho bueno señor :D
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muchisimas gracias señoraaa!
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Wow she looks amazing.
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thanks! glad you like it!!
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impecable! muy wapa y cool
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muchas gracias master! un abrazo grande!!!
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