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Barbarian comm

By YamaOrce
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Commission for a Pathfinder 3rd Party client
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Absolutely awesome!      :-)
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Coolest. Barbarian. EVER!!!!!!!!
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voltyeProfessional Writer
Can I have your permission to use this in a small indie project I'm making?
I struggle finding resources and it would be very helpful if I could.

I have a website if you'd like to see a small summary of the project...
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Great work
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Nee-kHobbyist General Artist
i love the ouline, nice work on this one 
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
thanks a lot man!!
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SoulStormHNSHobbyist Digital Artist
I like his style
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Neoda1neHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very powerful. Great artwork!
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BlueDiscipleHobbyist General Artist
Totally Badass! Is that Hydra's symbol?
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
i bet the client was hailing hydra!
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Well, this is pretty good. A welcome different take on the barbarian type, for sure. There is no reason for every barbarian to be Conan. He does resemble Samuel L. Jackson.

Fun fact: The "L" stands for Leroy. So... do you think he would be, like... Samuel Leeroy Jenkinson? Actually, Leeroy Jenkins was a paladin, so... forget what I said.

The clothing is good, more convincing than if he wore just a bunch of scraps all over.

The sword is cool... and kind of strange. What is that at its back, an harpoon? Anyway, the axe is even more interesting, as it looks red-hot. Does it burn while chopping? One can only imagine the horror it would be in battle...

There's one thing I'd pay attention, though: his right hand (the one holding the sword). It could be a bit bigger, just like his other hand, holding the big axe. Also, the fingers could be a bit thicker, since they're pressed holding the sword.

A side note: nice touch on his forehead, all scarred like that. Well, guess he needs to know, while it sure makes him all the more badass... ...it is NOT safe to block attacks using his head.

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Really awesome!
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Hrolf-DrunkmanHobbyist Digital Artist
He reminds me Nick Fury with an amulet of.. Hydra ? xD
Nice references !
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
it was all a coincidence haha
thanks a lot for your support!
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So Cool. Thank You!
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I was searching so long for drawings like this, so glad i found you. All your characters are so awesome
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Hey man, love the drawing, any tips on how I could could get started on this kind of art? I'm pretty new to this
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Oh and would u know if GIMP 2 would b any good for this sort of thing?
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
hey man! I think the most important thing is you start doing what you like. feel free to express yourself however you want. seek for the excitment of surprising yourself and others with what you do and whatever happens, no matter the obstacles or frustration, never ever give up.
the rest comes along. you'll start experimenting with techniques and tools until you find the ones you feel more confortable with.
do what you like, then master the craft, and of course, don't keep it to yourself. show what to do, inspire others the way others have inspired you.
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Cheers, any useful websites or tips on how to start drawing or what techniques a beginner can learn?
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YamaOrceProfessional Digital Artist
you can start with Andrew Loomis books www.alexhays.com/loomis/
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