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A Dance with Dragons

-So, not growing fast enough, huh!

Hope you enjoy it! and Many thanks for faves and watches!

Another version [link]
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Hey I LOVE this piece of work! it simply stunning! What was the other version? The link doesnt work. I have also seen a NSFW version I dont know if its an edit or not but I cant find it ANYWHERE anymore. 
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A,a zing and beautifully detailed! Love it.
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Awesooome!! One of the best images of Game of Thrones I ever seen... Congratulations.
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I have never seen such a beautiful peice of art for game of thrones in my life, yoyr are truly and inspiring and amazing artist im so glad i was able to see this, being the game of thrones kover i am this is truly amazing
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glad to hear that!! thanks a lot!!
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That's epic!
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Warning: The Mother of Dragons never even approaches this level of awesome in either books or show continuity. 
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glad to hear that! thanks!
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"Glad" isn't the word I'd have used to describe the incredibly dull "Daenary's faffs about pointlessly in Meeren, ironically complaining about how hard being a queen is after dismissing all her competent advisers and making one terrible decision after another" arc....

But no problem, tis a great picture!
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;) Well I can see I'm boring you, so I'll just take my leave now.
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This is glorious! I was wondering if I could use the design for a play mat when I play the Game of Thrones LCG?
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sure, go ahead!
Sakura-Kagurazaka's avatar
Oh my gosh, thank you! My dragon deck will be sure to win!
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the composition is excellent !
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glad to hear that! it's not a big deal but it looks nice :)
thanks a lot for your support!!
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This is beautiful. I love the composition.
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wow! daenerys! I love it!!
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glad you like it! thanks!!
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