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Fish by Yamano-wolfie Fish :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 0 2
A love poem
I know what my lover deserves.
My lover deserves charm and romance,
chivalry, compassion, and loyalty from me.
I want to give it all to you.
I can be charming.
My words can flow like a river ebbing into a sea;
Fluid, smooth, breathtakingly beautiful.
Never curt, never harming, only kind.
I will be compassionate.
When you are aching, so too shall I.
If tears should fall, may I be what dries your dappled cheeks.
You will ask to be held; my arms will never let go.
I shall always remain loyal.
My eyes may glance away, but never leave you.
This heart burns at the thought of betraying your trust.
You will ask where I was, honesty shall answer.
I can be chivalrous.
Seeing you hold something heavy, I will step in to take the weight.
Opening doors, guiding your way, holding your hand.
Nothing shall stop me from protecting you.
I will try to be romantic.
If I could cook, I would prepare exquisite meals.
If I knew how to play, notes would serenade you.
Lacking those talents, I swear to do whateve
:iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 14
Kasey M. Hooks - Jester
Chosen Name: Kasey Millard Hooks
Age: 21
DOB: March 17th 1989
Sex: Male
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 65.8 kg
Sign: Pisces ♓ - creative, sensitive, artistic
Zodiac: Earth Snake – Seductive, Spotlight magnet, Intellectual
Class: Jester
Bio: Growing up, Kasey was less known as Kasey and better known under a different name; however, over time, as Kasey grew, he realized something about himself and made a few changes. He was decent in school and enjoyed learning. Kasey's father was not around very often during his childhood; he was a doctor, that should explain some things. His mother was good to him and offered him much support and caring love that he needed to flourish into adolescence and then adult hood. Friendships he gained back then still exist today.
Doctor life was not something that interested him, so Kasey went against the family tradition and turned more towards acting as an occupational interest in 2004. Things took off and he became a lead male actor with a company; Rebel
:iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 0
New Room - Tea set by Yamano-wolfie New Room - Tea set :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 3 6 New Room - China x Asia by Yamano-wolfie New Room - China x Asia :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 0 New Room - England by Yamano-wolfie New Room - England :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 0 New Room - France by Yamano-wolfie New Room - France :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 0 DerpDerpWales by Yamano-wolfie DerpDerpWales :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 10 Happy new year 10-11 by Yamano-wolfie Happy new year 10-11 :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 1 christmas is in the aaaaiiiirr by Yamano-wolfie christmas is in the aaaaiiiirr :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 0 11
crim's music meme
Crim's music meme~
Rules: Pick a band that you have a lot of songs from on Itunes or Media player. Put that particular band on shuffle. The first ten songs to come up, draw a picture for each of the song's lyrics. You must use the same character or paring for all ten songs.
Band selected:
Song 1: Breathing  
Fatigue. That is what I feel. Fatigue; it is a vile sense that has washed over me. I yearn for sleep, yet all I can do is look up at the ceiling. Paranoia is keeping my mind active. And it is all your fault. How can you lay here beside me, arms wrapped around me, and still be out at one of your flashy french clubs, grinding against an anonymous woman or man? Nothing I do nor give is enough for you. I cannot keep going on like this.
Feeling your breath on my skin brings me closer and closer to becoming something I fear. Those lips... I want to watch them turn purple. I want the breath to halt. Whenever we kiss, that is all I can think about anymore
:iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 12
Bus stop
Rain again. It is the same, day after day. The heavens have cursed me with it. No matter. We all adapt to our surroundings in some way or another. Myself? A brolly.  I walk at my usual brisk pace. The distinct click of my shoes over the cobblestones is an all too familiar sound; along with the pitter patter that are the raindrops hitting and cascading down my umbrella.
Arriving to my destination, I now begin a wait. The cue is rather short, due to the weather, but there is one individual among the faces that I recognize; he always seemed to show up on these sorts of days. And he would always show up without a brolly of his own; today was no exception. Such a foolish frog. The first few instances, I had ignored him; he did the same. Or, perhaps, he honestly did not realize it was me waiting for the bus with him. Just where was he going anyway? After the fifth or fourth day of him being at that bus stop with me, I looked over at him. His eyes darted away from mine; I cle
:iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 5
Fleur de lis by Yamano-wolfie Fleur de lis :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 8
Midnight. Gray ominous clouds blotted out what would have been a beautiful starry night. "It's raining again," Matthew whispered to himself. Although, it was not terribly uncommon for it to rain in England; it happened nearly everyday. Any other bleek night, Matthew would have long been asleep by now, but that night was different. That night, he sat in front of his bedroom window, his arms on the mantle, his chin on his arms. The amethyst eyes penetrated the darkness and watched the now puddle filled driveway distinctly. He wanted nothing more than to see a pair of headlights pull up.
Hissing as it fell, the rain continued for hours. Matthew let out a defeated sigh. Just as he was about to call it a night, he spotted two bright beams of light heading down the street towards the house. He bit his lip, holding his breath. Was it them? Did Alfred find Arthur? His spirit rose as the car pulled into the driveway and stopped. The engine was silenced, then the headlights went out. Matthew smi
:iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 10
Adam and Jaques by Yamano-wolfie Adam and Jaques :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 1 0 KC - Wink by Yamano-wolfie KC - Wink :iconyamano-wolfie:Yamano-wolfie 2 6


I think I will do another sift through my things now that it has been a while since we moved to Winneconne.
There has to be some of that stuff that I don't need/want. :U


Kasey Millard Francis Hooks
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
Oh my God old account is old don't read me


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