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ToS - Angel Wing Tutorial -

By Yamane
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I intended to do a tutorial about my Kratos wings from Tales of Symphonia a while ago and now I had the motivation ^-^
It's not just for ToS, it can be used on other series, too.

I hope this is of use xD (my first time doing something like that).
I'm happy about every constructive critics ^~^
If you have questions ASK ;D

So now I finally took the time to refresh it with some more and better explaining pictures.
I think this is a bit more useful to understand now ^-^
Still I'm open for every attachment method *so uncreative* u0u

PLEASE! don't steel or credit me at least when this tutorial helped you =3
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Oh my god these are great! I plan to cosplay as Collette at some point so this is just all kinds of helpful.
fallengone's avatar
 am going as Yggdrasil X) for a couple events he is my next cosplay dont tell anyone XP
Lxsketch's avatar
Thank you so much I'm going to use this for when I revamp my Colette's cosplay & have wings + weapon props~ I really appreciate this so much :iconrekusasu---sania::iconthanksplz:
CMS521's avatar
very helpful for my own project!!!
GuilardiaIsMINE's avatar
I think I know a good attachment method...but I need to test it first. Will be sure to let you know if it works!
Yamane's avatar
That would be so awesome! *^*
You definietly need to tell me if it worked out then, I would be very happy to hear your method =)
Barbie-Yuan's avatar
kyaaa <3 so cute wings !!!
Yamane's avatar
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It is Wonderful. Great job!! I want to share with my friends. Just wondering, Could I repaste your Cosplay photos & Tutorials to my hometown cospaly bbs? My friend will love these. Also I will share your linkage too.
Yamane's avatar
Thank you :love: Of course you can share it ^~^
Especially tutorials are for everyone, a credit with link would be awesome!
Zhaitu's avatar
Thank you so much ❤. I already repasted your tutorial & cosplay of Shiniji & Kratos. Also added your linkage & reminded everyone should contact you for permission to repost again. May be someone will contact you again in the future. ^_^ Thanks again for sharing. O(∩_∩)O
kahllie's avatar
This tutorial is awesome! I can now achieve the ice-like look on my Cirno wings! Thanks so much for this tutorial, it really did help me :D
Yamane's avatar
I'm so glad it was helpful ^_^ Good luck with your project :heart:
InuNaruPokeAlchemist's avatar
I might try using this tutorial when I go to make my Colette Wings :D
Yamane's avatar
Good luck with your wings and I hope this can help ^-^~ :+favlove:
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Wie dick ist denn der draht? Und das hat wirklich mit Sicherheitsnadeln gehalten?
Yamane's avatar
Der ist so 1mm dick.
Also eigentlich hielt es, waren halt einige Sicherheitsnadeln, weil die Flügel so schnell umklappen x'D
Aber vom Gewicht her geht es.
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Wow this is amazing! I'm going to attempt some Tooth Fairy wings with this method. May I ask what thickness the wire you used was?
Yamane's avatar
Thank you ^__^ The diameter of the wire is 1 mm.
Good attempt with it :heart:
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Wow...I may use this for my Zelos cosplay. :D Thanks so much for posting this.
Yamane's avatar
I'm glad, that this can help you ;)
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i recently made some colette wings. X3 lol i if i knew of this it would've helped so much! haha. XD
Yamane's avatar
You think so? Awe sorry to hear it was too late X'D
awesomeyuan's avatar
that's quite alright.
i'm going to be making some more wings in the future, Lloyd's wings, for 2 different people, so this'll help terrifically! :D
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