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Nick Wilde Berserker Armor (colored)



Man, that red fur looks really good against the black swordsman attire.

Nighthowler serum may not have quite the same "kick" as the Berserker Armor but both set the standard for turning a man into a beast at the drop of a hat. 
I always wondered what one under the effect of the Nighthowler serum experienced; is it as bad as the hallucinations and gnashing teeth that the wearer of the Berserker Armor sees? Does it indeed tap into an individual's own savage, primeval,  "Beast of Darkness" to dive them to savagery? only time will tell.

I did this one a while back just after finishing the first piece yalloutfoxed.deviantart.com/ar… and yalloutfoxed.deviantart.com/ar… and realized I had not yet uploaded it, slacker that I am!
Let me know what you guys think!

uncolored linework  yalloutfoxed.deviantart.com/ar…

Nick Wilde and Zootopia are property of Cory Loftis and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Guts and the Berserk Manga anre property of Kentaro Miura 
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Oh yeah, you've drawn this!  I forgot and was afraid my new ideas were original.
This is wild awesome, especially because you used the canine face shape Berserker armor and it looks like such a good fit, but maybe while closed he won't be able to open his mouth very much.
Your combination of coloring and shading styles looks nostalgic and official, rad idea and I'm glad you went with it.
My idea was I wanted Berserk and Disney's Robin Hood combined, I still love the thought although I only got as far as picturing Robin as Griffith and Maid Marian as Princess Charlotte.  The dark serious scary or pained facial expressions Griffith wears sometimes on fox-Robin's face were what gave me shivers and made me want to see it.
Anyways thanks for sharing this with us, and it looks like you've drawn even more of these! :D