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the moon

By yalex
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oil on canvas

Thanks for watching and
and tell me what you think.
Crits and comments always welcome!

Private collection. Germany
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Love the calm emotion of the painting. A calm point of the day where the world is starting to rest.
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Very beautiful!!! Amazing!!:D
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First this is a really great painting i love all the colors! Second I was wondering which colors you mixed to get your yellowish/ peach color for the sky?
Mutant-Knight's avatar
This piece is simply awesome :D

The piece has been featured on our website at:


Hover over the title of the song!

Keep up the superb work!
bluem00n's avatar
Beautiful work, it took me a while to realise the medium..
I don't understand why the shrubs and trees' leaves are diffused at the edges, rather blurry - I suppose it's technique-related or just the kind of effect/mood you wanted to achieve?

I do love the colours and composition and especially the subject matter - it's very uncommon to find landscape paintings full of mud and puddles and this one was executed wonderfully :)
blackmustang13's avatar
wow this looks really realistic :) beautiful!
Ravenhaven's avatar
Gorgeous painting!

Good color scheme!
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It looks fantastic. Especially the reflection on the water.. Great. The painting is alive. But that moon looks odd. The sky looks like about 6~7 PM which the moon should not show. Just an opinion.
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Восхитительно, просто восхитительно! :heart: По атмосфере и настроению немного напoминает работы Васнецова. :heart:
Naiave-ShadowMoon's avatar
Fantastic, but the focus is kinda diffused amongst the elements. Depending on how you look at the painting as a whole, it shows the relation in between objects. That's how you wanted it yes?
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Yes, exactly. That’s a kind of painting that depends on my mood. I didn’ttry to correct what’s going on the canvas with my mind.)

Naiave-ShadowMoon's avatar
i see.. that's cool! Sometimes i wish i could put down the image in my mind more accurately. Ah.. practice makes perfect!
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Wow, amazing detailing! Especially the sky looks very photorealistic... must be stunning in real life.
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Amazing! :wow: I thought it was a photo at first.
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