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This wasn something I Drew on my Instagram. I really liked how it turned out. I got the inspiration from mermaid melody and the little mermaid 💕
First time making characters underwater and bubbles. I also got inspired by another artists Little Mermaid and Eric fanart.
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Oh wow, a lovely waterbug.

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I like how dynamic this piece is. their hands, faces, hair, clothing, and even the bubbles. It all looks as though it could come to life at any moment. the pose looks great not just in that it is possible, but you were very careful to make this very intimate in that you can see that the characters appear strong in the right places (arms, back, shoulders), and gentle in in the right places (fingers, jaws, eyes). I also like the subtlety of the scales on her tail.

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It's kinda wierd tho because I could of sworn I did more shadows so it gives more definition.... maybe I'll keep that in mind for next time lol

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Thank you I actually got some of the style from a little mermaid fanart another artist drew. Thank you <3 but I am content with how it turned out.

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so wait you didnt draw this or you did BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE THIS AU FOR THIS SHOW !

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rofl thank you, I just fixed the typo. Yes I did it, and yea I totally agree.

Adrien could be sad on his dad's ship and then there is a moment where he falls into the water and he is trying to hold onto life and gets more glimpses of his mother or just not being able to live fully and then Mer-mari saves him. lol

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