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Hello everyone)
In order to clear the situation and answer some questions I would like to make detailed description of my Patreon and rewards from there.
First of all I’d like to start with explanation what namely Patreon is and why do we need it?
I suppose there is no secret that all artists like anyone else are common people who need to go to shops and pay all kinds of bills. That’s why there is a dream for many of them to earn some money with their favorite occupation.
Patreon is namely that kind of source where spectators can support artists which they mean as worthy.
An artist from his side can also give some cool/unique presents for his supporters to thank them)
Of course there are different rewards for supporting by all artists, and in this message I’d like to write detailed description of my rewards that I give to my supporters to thank them)
So, here it is:
1$ - my eternal gratitude
No meaning of how much you pledge, I am incredibly thankful for all of you.
Every $ makes my dream closer)
2$ - you get access to sketches of my future works.
Like most other artist do, before making a full work, I make its sketch first.
Usually this “base” doesn’t have any value but if you are curious for my works I plan to do in future, you can see their sketches which will be available for you)
3$ - you get access to my WIPs (works in progress) and also step-by-step WIPs.
Usually I prefer not to post my works before I finish them, but for my supporters I do this exception.
Every time my work is ready for ~90% I will post it on my Patreon.
Also besides so called “works in progress” I will make step-by-step pictures of my works which will be available for you too.
P.s. You don’t have to wait until I make a new step-by-step WIP, I can give you old ones right now)
4$ - you get access to my full size works.
Usually full sizes of my works are two times bigger in resolution than I post anywhere. If you are one of those who like to collect full size works with no exceptions, I am glad to share them with you))
P.s. I give full sizes of my works only on individual request of my supporters. If you want to get one, don’t be shy to ask me, I don’t biteX)
5$ - you get access to my works in Photoshop PSD format.
I’m sure there is no secret that usually every artwork is made with more than one layer. PSD format is a file where you can sort out all the layers I used and see them separately)
If you like detailed analysis of original works, I am glad to share them with you)
P.s. I give PSD format files only on individual request of my supporters. If you want to get any PSD file, don’t be shy to ask me, I don’t biteX)
7$ - Detailed sketch of your original character (or any other character of your choice).
Comparing to common sketch which I call “base”, detailed sketch is a ready-to-paint picture, like coloring picture)
I can also give you PSD file of your sketch in case you want to color it by yourself))
If you like doing collabs, this reward is for you)

Every month I try to do 5 detailed sketches for my supporters. But I also want to clarify that amount of them highly depends on my free time and mood.
5 sketches is a minimum which I literally force myself to do.

Also here I have one more frequently asked question:
What if I want to get a sketch from you every month?
Of course I don’t mind to draw sketches for one and the same customer every month. But I prefer to draw first for people who haven’t yet got my sketches at all. I believe it is fairly for them, because not everyone is able to sit in front of the screen all days long and press F5 trying to catch free place)
10$ - Exclusive 18+ content: Special for you:D

15$ - Access to tutorials.
I like to share my experience, that’s why, if I have ideas and free time, I’ll make tutorials available for you.
But of course those who choose this category are really entitled to determine their desired subject for me.
25$ - Simple drawing of your original character (or any other character of your choice).
This is a colorful sketch with simple shades.
Also if you are my old supporter in this category (4 months and longer), you can ask me to draw a fully detailed work for you (examples of my works you find in my gallery).

But now I want to specify some points:
The thing is that I am that kind of artists who strongly depend on their own mood, that’s why drawing of the fully detailed works is extremely difficult for me, comparing to the mentioned sketches.
That’s why I can create only one fully detailed work in one month by order. Or rather 1 detailed work a month is my minimum. I always learn and try to draw faster, and I hope some time I can advance it.
Also I want to note that completing my month order is my target priority. This means that even if I draw several artworks at once, this category order is number one target for me. I even put my own ideas away prior to draw for this category…

What about the list of orders itself:
Actually it doesn’t matter what category you chose for supporting. Each of my supporters is entitled to ask me for a fully detailed picture, and I’ll add him to my orders list. But the list I will show in my post named “commission info” and call the “holy list of orders” will contain only 5 slots.

Ok, what is this “holy list of orders” and how to enter there?
Every person asking me to draw a detailed picture will be placed according to their Lifetime Support from higher to lower level. So those persons who are in the top five will be this “holy list of orders”.

But what if the list is already full? Can you get there after just newly joining my supporters?
Just as mentioned earlier: “Every person asking me to draw a detailed picture will be placed according to their support from higher to lower level”.
This list will be always updated allowing new supporters also go into the top five.

But what if you have already drawn a detailed pic for me, can I count to a new order for you?
Of course. But then the sum of your support will be separated by the number of artworks you already got + new one.

Also about the orders I can tell that I make them without additional payments.
So after reaching you in my order list I start working right away)
50$ - The rank of the Most Generous.
I’m afraid I can’t offer something more that I already offered before…
I’m incredibly pleased that there are people who can afford me such high support. This really means a lot for me, and I highly appreciate your contribution in this category)
Besides the above mentioned prizes, supporters from this category get a rank “Most Generous” in my view and also double speed to go into my “holy list of orders”.

And many thanks to all who’s supporting me at Patreon, I really appreciate your support it alot) ^w^ 

Information about list of "Patreon rewards"
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LtGIR's avatar
When I pledge, can I request files with full resolution of any number of past images, or just one or two? I ask because some artists limit access to past awards. Usually, offering them for sale on gumroad, which I don't think you have. Thanks!
Soulful-Hex's avatar
18+ content? I could get behind that..
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
not sure I understand what you mean^^
CrimsonWolf360's avatar
So just so I understand this right, you're only offering commissions to people supporting you on patreon with $7 a month or greater? Not trying to be snarky or anything, I just want to make sure I'm reading this right.
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
CrimsonWolf360's avatar
Ok, as much as I would love to commission you for a piece, I can't afford that high of a rate. Thanks though.
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
I really sorry for uncomfortable(
CrimsonWolf360's avatar
No, you're fine, I just wish I could afford it. You're really good but I just don't have the spare money. If it was a one time thing, like $60 US, I could afford that, but a monthly thing just isn't in my budget.
GeneralLukin's avatar
Товарищ художник, а что вы можете сделать за 30$?
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Все зависит от количества желающих при составлении мной нового списка, как я уже и писал ранее, отбираю в него я в первую очередь по "Lifitime support"у и если окажется что из всех просящих ваша поддержка выше - вы попадаете в этот список. Правда за 30 я сделаю только рисунок категории "колорскетч".
nightskrill's avatar
Можно уточнить? 
Если я правильно понял, 7$ - это вот за подобное…, а 25$ - Color Sketch (Patreon reward)
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Вообще по сути да, так и есть. Правда вот уже как полгода я стараюсь все скетчи делать как колорскетчи.
Так что даже за поддержку в 7бачей я могу сделать картинку как на втором варианте, а уровень поддержки в первую очередь влияет на вероятность попадания в мой список так как отбираю я туда в зависимости от уровня "поддержки за все время" (с учетом уже полученных картинок конкретно каждого подписчика).
nightskrill's avatar
Ага... Хорошо, спасибо.)) 
Wolfsalvo's avatar
Alas, Bills arrive, and this next check will mostly be going to them. My family has there eye on a dog that was a stray, but a sweetheart, so I will be coughing up nearly $250 to get her out of the pound and all her shots and stuff.

Two Weeks. MARK my words, in 2 weeks you will be the one and only Russian I will happily support. If I had known  or even bothered to look for a possible patreon page, I would've had months ahead on that list already!

As stated by others, your work truly is amazing. Yes others can make similar art works, but none of the other MLP based artist quite... /matches/ your skill and quality of your work. Many of those I watch here on DA do sponsor commission sales, but they either sacrifice quality, or skill in there own rights. I can only imagine what your work will look a year from now!

As an author (artist in our own regards), I have looked for skillful artist to aid me in my quest of good coverart. This is why I am dead-set on supporting you!

American supporting a Russian... *whisper whisper* don't tell others! *whisper whisper*
Ep0nym0us's avatar
What if I paid you in Twilight plushies? x3
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
But you said it was a gift, it is not fair /)_(\
Ep0nym0us's avatar
Just kidding~~
LilBadKarma's avatar
Your art is just beautiful, I'm just sad I have no money to support you with :( But do keep up your amazing work!
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
It is okay, warm words also makes me happy, thank you for it^_^
LilBadKarma's avatar
Atlas-66's avatar
7 $ а эскиз) как-то слишком дешево, а сколько времени у тебя обычно занимает на один эскиз? 
Хотя стой, 7$ это сейчас уже 450 руб) офигеть, всего каких-то жалких 7$ Как быстро время летит..

По мне так было бы справедливо для зарубежных поднять цены) как показывает практика от других художников, в основном они работают с заказами иностранцев, ибо они готовы платить. 
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Ну... не все могут позволить себе задирать цены, я вот предпочту не рисковать.

Когда как, тут смотря как запариваться. Если обводить по 4 раза и разбивать по тональности как я обычно делаю, то может уйти весь день а то и два.
Если не напрягаться то могу сделать и за пару часов)

Да уж, курс нынче такой... я признаться именно из за него и не стал дублировать текст на русском^^

Как по мне было бы немного несправедливо для одних поднимать а для других делать поблажки.
Да и как ты представляешь себе систему, при которой художник, выбирая из двух заказчиков, отдаст предпочтение тому, кто платит меньше?
Мне кажется при таком условии выбор будет очевиден что делает систему нерабочей. По сему я не вижу смысла в разделении.
Atlas-66's avatar
Как раз таки все честно, тоже самое можно сказать про курс валюты, нечестно что доллар повышается а рубль падает, у одних больше денег а другим есть не чего, вот и компромисс) 
И у меня друг есть который специально для русских сделал скидочку, и заказы все равно поступают только от зарубежных. 

А тут не нужно выбирать, ведь обычно ставят в очередь заказчиков не зависимо от сложности и стоимости, тут скорее не для себя искать выгоду сделки а порадовать человека, но что поделать) ну хочет заказать арт)) 
Кстати не пробовал смотреть на наших известных пони-художников? у большинства просто есть прайс-лист, я вижу теперь ты тоже сделал) 
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