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game of Kings

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"Игры Королей" - ну точнее принцесс, но королей звучнее)
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Incredibly cool. :3
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*On the battlefield a young stallion lies dying, surrounded by his fallen brothers. He glances once more at the bloody and torn field littered with the dead and dying. With his last breath he says, "Just peaces on a broad." *  
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Woah! That is beautiful!
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PotionLilyHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it finished? Because luna has no feathers :I
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Cool piece! (Go Celestia!)
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Luna: And another one out of the game. I'm advancing again big sister! Prepare yourself to lose!
Celestia: Ummmm....
Luna: What's the matter? Already contemplating your defeat?
Celestia: Not really, Luna. I think.... and I'm pretty sure that because of your foolish move I can beat in less than ten moves.
Luna: W-what?

Wonderful work.
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...what are they playing, though?
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wackart493Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think it might be a pony version of chess. Ya know since humans dont exist and horses really arent all here in the show so i think it might just be... Shapes and blocks for pieces
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Yakovlev-vadHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know XD
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"You know the biggest problem with board games, dear sister? It is that unlike a real battlefield, it does not provide room for lateral thinking, or 'cheating' as you may say, that allows my strategies to work. Here, I have to fight fair, like you preferred, and that is the only reason why you had been winning."
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PyrrunHobbyist General Artist
All's fair in love and war.
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The Epics have been Doubled!!
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1 Word: Checkmate.
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TwilightIsMagicStudent General Artist
Them airship designs. No matter whether they're functional, they look awesome. And I do like those caster things on Celestia's side. The hair and the feathers and the metal texture on Celestia and Luna looks the best here. Particularly the hair, just amazing in its detail. Well done!
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you mean Game of Princesses
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Yakovlev-vadHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, but I thought the Kings sounds better)
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i guess
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joethehero2Hobbyist Photographer
The common ponies pray for rain, healthy foals, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the Princesses play their game of thrones so long as they are left in peace. They never are.
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why would they need to pray for rain and summer they control them both
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Quote: killed.
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This is why we can't have nice things.
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