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Рисунок сей я хотел целиком и полностью нарисовать в фотошопе, но увы после Саи мне он показался слишком неудобным и после долгих и мучительных стараний выполнить его в фотошопе мне пришлось в итоге все переделывать но уже в Саи(

С начало я хотел нарисовать что то вроде обычного портрета, но физиономия у меня почему то постоянно получалась какая то сердитая ну я и подумал:
-Почему бы и нет)
В конце концов то правители же тоже бывают гневаются)

I wanted to do this drawing fully in Photoshop, but it is too inconvenient after SAI, as for me. So, after long and painful tries with Photoshop I had to remake it all with SAI(

At first I wanted to make something like the common portrait, but the face was always some kind of angry, so I thought:
- Why not)
Eventually, royals can be angry too)

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for translation
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Hello, would it be okay if I used this image in a project I am working on? the project is a full-cast fandub of the story Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly by Firesight on and part of that project is a need for images to go with the audio and I love what you have created, it fits in perfectly with one of the main themes of this epic saga of a story and that is War, more specifically, a war against the Griffon Empire, a cruel regime that wishes to dominate all and will crush any that get in their way. 
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Also, whoever was the poor, unfortunate pony to piss her off THIS much...see you in the afterlife
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Yikes...angry goddess here.
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burning with rage...
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"So, Tia, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"God Empress!!"
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dat horn fire man
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Amazing detail.

Everyone has a breaking point.
A point to which you NEVER want to push them.
A point at which they say "ENOUGH!"
A point in which even the most powerful restraint snaps, and they rain


               upon your head.

Even a Goddess.
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So cool! Love the effects
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So FANTASTIC! You leave me breathless, I am inspired to draw now! :D Wonderful art :)
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Dude. This is one of the most amazing artworks of Celestia I have ever seen great job and keep up the good work Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Man, this fanart really, really AMAZING. I think Celestia will be proud. She must be proud. Just look at this. Simply awesome.
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for a fandom i am not part of i need to say this is very god detailed and it looks you did give a lot of time to it, you have my respect, also a friend of me screamed when he saw your picture because it was very awesome
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This is REALLY. REALLY. REALLY gorgeous! I'm stunned but how much detail you put into this; it's about the most 'lifelike' I've ever seen Celestia look. Her armor and her horn are my favorite, with this vivid special effects. Fantastic job!

Btw, maybe you already know...but I found this image via a random search for mlp armor, and it showed up first on a generic wallpaper site.… I just wanted to make sure you were aware that they were using your art there; maybe it's legit, I dunno, but it seems sketchy. An unfortunate side effect of such gorgeous fanart is a tendency to steal. I hope that's not the case, though!
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Sure, It is honor to me))
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Oh good, just wanted to be sure! =)
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that moment you understand to have done an huge mistake. 
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Um; why does the bottom of her horn looks like it's burning?
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okay... who pissed off princess celestia enough to make her become empress molestia? because whoever is on the receiving end... is completely and royally screwed... and after this its all happy smiles and laughter again :D
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