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What this is? (Color sketch)

Just one more attempt to draw pic for hour and random idea with Twi)

As they say - books of neighbor always more interesting :D
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This is so clean! Like, just fantastic drawing!

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So I found this on wallpaper engine animated and have had it as my background picture for the longest time.
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Очень классно!

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In the first age...

In the first battle...

When the shadows first lengthened, one stood.

He chose the path of perpetual torment.

In his ravenous hatred he found no peace.

And with boiling blood he scoured the umbral plains.

Seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him.

And those who tasted the bite of his sword named him...


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She found
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If she did then she should be careful on what she reads, or it might just be "OWO whats this"

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Twilight! What do your pony eyes see?
Whoa! Love the lightning fizzle/crackling! I just hope it's a powerful spell for good and to defeat all evil!
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It's the Necronomicon. Cthulhu Fthagn
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it is friendship
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what is this power...nOPE 
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It bewilders me how a mystery can be solved in a simple moment of one's history looking back at the pages that escaped me but now I look through the system of wonderment and enchantment I cannot be alone for all the words around me simply jump out and capture me pulling me inside of the pages I wish to see but how could I be even believe orfasm dissed tapestry of overmarked ability I am afraid of what I'm seeing for what could be believing is simply distrusting my own abilities to see past my own fears to see what is near me near to my heart near to the start of this lined where life begins and where the heart shall know. But the finish line will soon become defined as a moon and sun shine upon this world I will be one with time
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Probably the cover of many fanfics where she made the mistake to check a book she shouldn't have.

Wonderful work
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conspiracy theory proved! Twilight Sparkle is indeed a satanist
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Look's amazing.    ^^  
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She stumbles onto the forbidden technique from Dr. Strange
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just the ponyonomicon, of forbidden knowledge.
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чёрная магия?
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Хуже. Это квантовая механика
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