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As we know little ponies grows fast and Luna's old bed is small for her now so he decided to find new, more comfortable bed for herself.
Unfortunately for Celly who also have to find new bed now, and unlike Luna her new bed will much less comfortable^^

Actually Luna should learn manners and understand that this is unacceptable. Today she usurps Celestial bed, what will next, Celestial throne? Such behavior can lead to civil war^^
But everything can be forgiven if you are a little pony ^_^

And just one more little thought from my head)

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No celestia just let on luna no scwush her

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Hilarious :giggle: and also very cute. I had no idea the princesses can act like cats :3

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^w^ Luna is super cute

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It's just the beginning, today is your bed tomorrow your food bowl.

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Celestia: Hmph! She's lucky that I love her.

Wonderful work
Omg ha ha ha ha ha ha
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Screw that! I would've pushed her out of the bed and made her go to her own bed
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That’s so cute
Oh, Luna is definitely going to get it when she wakes up!
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I actually like seeing people's artwork of the royal sisters without their manes and tales flowing.
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This is actually sweeter than you might think.

Since Celestia can teleport things at will, she could easily move Luna without her even realizing it. So Celestia is letting Luna stay in her bed and putting up with using Luna's bed because she cares about her sister.
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Have to agree with you. You don't even have to teleport things other than yourself to move somepony out of your bed... You can lift them with magic, or simply shove them out with hooves. Celestia doesn't even think about how she can get back into her own thing, she tries to make do with what's free...
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LOL, I would have just laid down on top of her. XD

"Take my bed will you? *flop*"

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My cats do this to each other.
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Big cat territory has an intruder lol
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I pictured her doing that paw thing cats do before they lie down in a bed XD 
Luna:"I wanted to sit on that throne, since my throne is too tiny"
Celestia:"Hold on, you do not have a throne. Cease the usurpation!"
Nice drawing!
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That reminds me of a simon’s cat episode 
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Reminds me of Lion King 1 1/2 with Pumbaa
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