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Ultima ratio of Emperor

всем привет)
Думаю сейчас один из тех моментов когда оправдание не будет лишним, так что с него и начнем^^;17 by Yakovlev-vad 

Дело в том что обычно я не очень то поддерживаю подобные темы так как считаю что в мире поняш всегда царит дружба и магия, но в этот раз я сделал исключение.

Идея сего рисунка посетила мою голову совершенно спонтанно, сперва я был уверен что дальше скетча оно не продвинется, да и вообще стоит ли рисовать такое я так же был не уверен.
И тем не менее я закончил этот рисунок.

Сразу же хочется подчеркнуть что я не имею абсолютно нечего против Кризалис, правда, но мне просто был нужен кто то в качестве… пострадавшей стороны^^

И как мне показалось Кризалис со своей армией чейджлингов хорошо бы сюда вписалась)
Hello all)
I think that now there is the right moment when my explanation is not excessive^^;17 by Yakovlev-vad 

The thing is, that usually I don’t support such themes, I think that in the Pony world there is always friendship and magic, but this time I’ve made an exception.

The idea of this picture came to my mind very suddenly. First I was sure that the sketch I made won’t be painted, and I was not sure if it’s worth to draw this generally.
Nevertheless, I finished this drawing.

I want to accentuate at once that I don’t have anything against Crysalis, truly, but I just needed somepony as a victim party^^
And it seemed to me, Chrysalis with her changelings army would suit here very well)

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for translation)
Please don't hate me /)_(\18 by Yakovlev-vad 

Thank you very much to all of you for your comments))
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the scene is quite realistic, crisalis is very similar, its body appears to be a hollow and perforated wooden trunk, its fur is similar to cobwebs, and its body is very thin to the point of anorexia. I'm pretty sure it's a discord creation. and no . Equestria is not a peaceful place as it is said. the alicorns fight for it.

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Дизайн, конечно, офигенный, но я тоже не поддерживаю подобное.

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Poor Chrysalis

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Может хватит мучить Кризалис?

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Жалко Кризалис

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In canon, it was even more brutal than this
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Someone's probably already made the joke, but Chrysalis sure got Celestia's...(puts on sunglasses)... point.

Yeeeaaaaah by shoji9  
This is awesome, I have no words to describe! I am a dummy! :D (Big Grin) 
It's just amazing, I loved it! Heart :happybounce: 
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This would go well with the RULES OF NATURE! In a slow motion stab.
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This is awesome

Let's not forget, while it's full of friendship, magic, and love, it's also full of undesirable individuals. From jerks like Diamond Tiara, Trixie, or Gilda (who all reformed), or Spoiled Rich or Neighsay, to shady characters like Flim and Flam, Svengallop, and Gladmane, to redeemable villains like Discord and Starlight, to outright pure evil villains like Sombra, Tirek, the Storm King, or, indeed, Chrysalis. Starlight TRIED to reform her, but she rejected it point blank even after seeing what it could do for her. Also as of canon, Sombra had to be killed, and if she was either vaporized by a magical artifact or blown up by Tirek, I don't think it would be deemed any more dark than the Storm King's demise.

Interestingly enough, Chrysalis's main Disney inspirations, Maleficent and Ursula, both got stabbed in the heart
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Duel of Fates extreme! Spectacular drawing, as always!
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cool but sad for bug-chan ; - ;
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This is very cool! 
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I haven't bothered watching for the show in some time, however, this stuff keeps me attached to it. This is amazing! Very well done if I do say so myself.
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Man...I want to see this Celestia!  Not damsel in distress Celestia!
And what are you doing on here exactly? 🤔 Your in a MLP Haters group and yet here you are...
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Oh no, not Ponies fighting? S
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Im so proud of you, you work so hard to get here and some day Ill be as great as you
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Great job! honestly.
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Noooo the changelings will rule again!  20%cooler20%cooler20%cooler..... Changeling Heart Emote So cool!
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