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Thinking :3

И так, сразу хочу сказать что все что тут происходит это лишь плоды моей фантазии, на самом деле Селестия очень добрая и в голове ее никогда не возникнет и мысли о том что бы… ну… приумножить свои владения за счет соседских и править ими в одиночку (хотя мы ведь не знаем что у нее может быть в голове)

В конце концов фантазировать ведь не вредно))

as a continuation suspicion

Thank you so much for your comments!=)
And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))
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Ну обалдеть!

Селестия топит флот Луны, кидая в воду яблоки!

Увидит кто - и с сестрёнкой поссорится, и с Эпплами...

Классный рисунок, спасибо! :-)

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No! The mighty lunar navy is being sunk! Quick, someone assemble the rest of the night guard, we must avenge the navy!
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Да-Да, хер её знает что у неё в голове...
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And I just can't help making a dynamic wallpaper out of this. I uploaded it on the Steam Workshop with Yakovlev's permission and you can download it for free if you have a software called "Wallpaper Engine".
Here's the link:…
Hope you like it~xD
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Your work is absolutely incredible. I register to Deviantart just to give you this comment and subscribe to your post. Your painting is like magic. I can literally feel it smooths my heart with just a glance. Tbh, I'd love to have your art hanging on my wall or something. Too bad patreon doesn't work very well in my country, or I'd definitely support you on that site.
Splendid art. It really made my day.
And thank you for creating such a masterpiece for us all. :)
SkyHigh29's avatar god...YOUR SO TALENTED GOOD LORD!!!! :jawdrop: 
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Рисуешь просто как "Боженька",но много лишних слов,даже до ***.
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There are no words that can describe how absolutely beautiful this is. Lovely work!
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By far the most beautiful Celestia art Ive seen so far
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Happy to hear, thank you very much^_^
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that drawing program you uses n.n
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It's beautiful !!! :)
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The Lunar Republic are no match against Celestia aka Best Princess :D (Big Grin)  
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I love it!! But i have a question: if the art title is called "THINGKING". Then what is celestia thinking about? A crush maybe? <3
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I think she thinking that in this lands can be only one emperor=)
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Who knows, Its a mystery.
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I like the eyes!

I like your style, keep the wonderful work. :)
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