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The coolest one:3

Эх, ну почему каждый раз когда я пишу описание я гружусь наверное даже больше чем кода рисую сам рисунокXD Ну да ладно, начало уже положено))

Так вот, идея по началу вообще была грандиозной но постепенно скатилась до банальщины(
Что поделать, из за того что замка в моей комнате больше нет такая роскошь как думать в спокойствии для меня больше не доступна(
Теперь каждый раз когда я рисую (и не только) мне приходится оборачиваться и следить за тем что бы у меня за спиной не возникали всякие не званные гости(
Да и с настроением что то в последнее время как то совсем тлен(

Вообщем не буду сыпать оправданиями скажу и прямо, Дэши мне нравится больше чем ЛД от сюда и сея идея)
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Я задвигаю дверь сундуком, а если что - извиняюсь и говорю что доставал оттуда что-то и забыл его убрать.
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Dashie's WAY cooler! At LEAST 20% cooler!
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Dash is obviously the cooler one. She's not a sociopath like that other bitch.
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1.)  Sociopath is out of context in your comment.
2.)  Do you forget that RD assisted LD in creating that tornado to "blow away the competition"?  They were BOTH at fault, but, honestly it's not fair to compare them as LD was only in that one episode, so you only got to see a turd size of her character.  
3.)  RD's friends just flew into a fucking military training site.  RD just acted like a self-absorbed dick and didn't take some of the blame.  Just like LD, she unintentionally assisted in hurting her friends.
middle finger smiley 
people sticking up for ld need to be slapped. quit making up petty excuses to demonize dash. this was her most mature moment.
Who saved there asses in the end?
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Rd but of course she did cuz they're her friends. We aren't even made known of where LD is until after RD saves them, which makes sense because they both got flung out of a cyclone. Rd just happened to save her friends because as far as we know she saw them first and noticed they were her friends who, for some reason, decided to come flying into an "Air Force base" in a huge hot air balloon. Still, I believe LD is overall the fastest pony with better coordination but honestly it doesn't matter. I just hope she reappears in another episode for redemption
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For me, Rainbow Dash will forever be the coolest one between these two. Lightning Dust as more the hair of a Wonderbolt, but still, i don't like her personality, but i like her as a background pony.
She does not deserve to be treated as antagonist, too.
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Why do you guys all say Dust is cooler, I don't get it...
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Lightning Dust is and will for ever be the best Pony!
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Lightning dust is way cooler!  Sorry not sorry, Dashie.  Rainbow sad 
LD's just a poser. RD is the real deal.
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RD is an asshole.  Besides, they are of equal speed, so it really comes down to their personality.  I for one, hate RD for her arrogance.
And lightning dust is a sociopath who almost killed her friends. Apparently dash-haters really are that clueless.

Dash's arrogance is justified also since she can back it up.
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After Spitfire said that LD pushes herself harder, RD was stupid and conceited enough to join in with LD.  They both became reckless.  I'm not excusing LD for her bad behavior, it's just that RD isn't that great of a character.  RD's friends literally came out of nowhere onto a military training base.  Even though RD assisted LD willingly, knowing that she would "blow away the competition", she did indeed take part in almost killing her friends.  Then, she acts like a lil' ass and blames LD when they were BOTH to blame.  Excuse you for not agreeing with me, but, honestly, this is why I don't like it when the writers add new "bad" characters in like LD and Gilda(without any backstory).  It automatically gives them a bad wrap when they could've had something misfortunate happen to them in the past that made them the way they are.  Hopefully LD(and Gilda maybe) get a reappearance and are reformed.  Probably the only pony that is of equal speed to RD has to be "bad".  Lastly, this was like the only time RD was loyal.  She's not really upholding that element of harmony.  In my opinion, AJ and RD should switch elements since I don't recall RD ever lying. (Plus, "Sociopath" is slightly out of context in your reply.) Lightning Dust Smiley 3 Lightning Dust Smiley 9 
Christ, you're stupid. Dash haters need to get the fuck out. We don't want you in our fandom.
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Lightning is best Pony
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But Lightning was the mean one in the episodes o3o"
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I love Lightning because she is awesome and does things her way that matters.
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I love RD because she sood up for her friends :L
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