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Take it off!

- They say If to attach the shell to ear you can hear the sound of the sea=3
- Hm....
- I hear something!
- I hear something!Wait, What is.... AAAAAA! Take it off take it off!!!

And one more quick color sketch just for fun)
Soldier-crab is really unique creature :D
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Бедная Луна.:XD:
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Great crabby material.

While on vacation princess Luna was the few that was to use the saying she was to hold a shell to her ear to hear the ocean when without the shell she was to hear the ocean as well. As she now wonders if the shell was the home of a hermit crab after she had her ear or other body parts pinched by the crab's claws.

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Friends, Romans, Luna, lend me your ear! :-p

Luna really shouldn't have signed that contract. it had no (puts on sunglasses) escape claws.
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She needs another for the other. XD
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Hilarious, but painful!
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Oh god it's got a little pipe!!
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Feeling a bit crabby today ain't we, lulu XD
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"But! But! Look at that MUSTACHE!!!"
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Why is Lulu having troubles with a Dwebble? X))
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me and my brother found one he picked it up and it pinched him then he threw it into the ocean kinda
SvenWolfstrom92's avatar
reminds me of that one scene from Homeward Bound... Now how did Sassy do this... I don't want it, I don't want it, I DON'T WANT IT!
Pony-Berserker's avatar
It's a crab! But it's not Rarity fighting it! What is this madness!?
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Attach the shell to your ear,then you can hear Luna's screaming!
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:rofl: Hahahaha! So cute! :thumbsup: :love:
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That crab is sure... wait for it... angry!
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I love how the crab as a mustache and pipe lol X3 Renjay jaja 
Phaedrolous's avatar
That makes him old... AND "crabby"Luan Laughing 
SnowFall-13's avatar
LOL!! XD So true! Renjay yeyy Koden jaja  
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