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I know that the dark version of Twilight only appeared in EqG and never made it to the main show, but I find her to be quite an interesting character regardless)) 
I actually did draw a Dark Twilight sketch before, as part of the collaboration with a friend, where my part was the sketch, but it appears that this picture will remain unfinished forever(
Looks like the picture turned out a bit more aggressive than I planned... but I wanted to picture her as a villain in this guise, so this should be justified ^^

P.S. If you like my work, please consider looking through my 
Any Bit you give is very much appreciated! ^_^
And thanks to all those who're already supporting me on my Patreon , I really appreciate your support a lot))
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Luna- NMM

Cadance... uhh Chrysalis i suppose ;p

Whats Twis evil name`? Luster Dawn? ;D

Luster Dawn sounds pretty cool but not evil enough. It'd probably be Midnight Sparkle, as in EqG.

Awesome pic. Makes me want to see an evil Twilight in the regular show.
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:o midnight sparkle...
Welp I'm sold
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Great picture.
Dark Twilight is somethinginteresting to work with, don't you think?
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Миднайт, ты идеальна
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Шикарно с:
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Найтмер Спаркл. Найс.
Хн. Вау. Миднайт нарисована прекрасно, как и всегда. Но плюшевый мишка в пентаграмме... мда.
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This looks so beautiful! I love this so much! :D
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:iconmerasmusplz:FOOL!! What have you done??!!
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Tf2 Soldier angry "Merasmus, if YOU had anything to do with this, so help me God...!"
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Oh I do so love a well-drawn and menacing villainy Sparkle.
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dude, you should totally do Day Breaker! You would make it look so awesome!
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This is now my headcanon for Twilight Sparkle becoming King Sombra's Queen.
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Midnight Sparkle?
Where did I leave my Ray Gun MK2?
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Всё прекрасно и прекрасно, но у меня вопрос один складывается.. Причём тут эти руны, или как там их, и как книги держатся сами по себе?.. Или мне так кажется?)
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И то и другое - следствие магии которая царит вокруг Твайлайт)
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А я-то думала у неё коллега есть..Х)
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I like how the stars are dropped from her cutie mark and she's got what looks like red lightning bolts coming out of it instead. Was that in the movie and I missed it, or was that your own creative licence? 
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Idea is my own)
But cutiemark I seen in pictures of another artists)
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Классно, очень классно!
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