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Student's dream

Just remembered one period from my life when you working hard all night (cuz wasn't able to do this for day (by reasons of course (but no matter)))
and can't wake up at next X)
Not even looking at what you should be in college at 8:15... I think this is standart thing^^
Anyway I am sure Twilight is a very responsible pony, and I just can't imagine what will happen when she will look at time
Time to Practice magic of Time!:D
Yes... this would be really usefull thing....
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I wish I was that pillow right now.
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So, you are still in your bed at 8:14, while you should be in college a minute later?

Phew, that's nothing. One evening, I forgot to set my alarm clock at 6:30 next morning - and I was supposed to be at work an hour later. I only woke up when my mother, while preparing to go to her own job, found me still sleeping in my bed... around 9:00. A minute later, I got a phone call from administration, asking me where the hell I am. I finally arrived there somewhere around 9:30 and got some really good slating from my superior. I never overslept on working day again... and from then on, I always have the alarm in my smartphone set to ring at 6:30 every day in the week.

Twilight is as adorable as always - definitely my favourite pony in the series. Seeing the way she hugs that pillow, though, I'm wondering what she's dreaming about...
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Such cute art! Though, has anyone manage to make any sense of the calculations on the white board? Because it all looks like Greek to me. XD
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awwwn! she so cute!
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she looks so happy in her natural habitat this picture is so much more than most pony pictures i witness. Such a mood setter what can i possible do but feel warm when i see her being in the place she probably loves the most (school) 
This is so cute! heart eyes 
This is one of the arts I like best in DeviantArt!
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Aww, so cute.
And no, she is not dreaming of books. She is dreaming of taking a really long test.
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Aww. Twilight is so adorable and cuddly. I want to hug her. Huggle! 
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"Students dream" probably about just as always 'BOOKS'
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"Student's dream" That's accurate. I rarely slept when I was in college, so sleep was kinda the dream I was striving for. lol
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Oh no the ink.
Gonna stain the bed sheets!
But really I love this!
The shading and everything about this is amazing.
Keep making amazing art!
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So Cute I Just Wanna Kiss Her
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ummm... not even gonna ask
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Must have been a very long day/night.
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Very adorable egghead.

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She will always be my favorite book horse. Looks like we have something in common. Twilight and I both sleep with plushies and assignments in our beds. But mine is there more by accident
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