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Just little pic this time
One more card, I think through 5-10 years I will have full card deck X)7806 by Yakovlev-vad 
It was a joke of course...18 by Yakovlev-vad

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Charmer by Yakovlev-vadMafia Octavia by Yakovlev-vad
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Love the hair! The details......Princess Luna (hmm...) plz Request: Blink Icon Roseluck 
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The attention to detail in this is amazing...
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Great art! Amzing in every way!!!!!!!!
Ragameechu's avatar would more sense to make her an ace. ;)
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Woah! Awesooome! Spitfire looks so badass with those sunglasses! I like how she looks in a hoodie, too! Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Her mane is very well done, as well! So smooth... :D :D :D
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She sure is lovely.
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I'd buy the full deck of cards, idk about anyone else
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Whoa! The detail is impressive.
I can't believe how fluffy she looks due to the little feathers of her body... And her eyes, my goodness, the reflections are a total eye catcher ;)
What an incredible work. Everything looks fantastic :aww:
Keep it up :#1:
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woah! Awesome work!
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How much would you want for a complete deck?
I would pay 100€ (about 120 $)
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Heh, really happy to hear, but I think first I must to finish it)) ...
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Just so you know, if you *did* make a full deck... Every Brony in the world would want a copy! (They'd pay good money for it too ;) )
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Ууух, красота какая. I am always up for more Spitfire, she's the best from all of the Wonderbolts in my opinion.
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Неплохая Спитфаир вышла.  Ее взгляд прямо смотрит мне в душу...очень впечатляет. Хорошая работа)Clap 
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