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Всем привет)
Не прошло и года как говоритьсяX)
Хотя погодите ка… Сегодня уже 15ое?! Вчера же 1ое было только, куда 2 недели делись?! — 0___0
Отстой, ну ладно, бывает))

Дык вот, картинку эту я изначально планировал нарисовать дня за 4 что по сути для меня является рекордом, минимум деталей на заднике, побольше размазанности и чтоб вообще все быстро быстро.
И в принципе все было хорошо пока я не начал красить толпу на заднем плане...
Я давно уже хотел попробовать нарисовать массовку, правда планировал сделать это очень простенько, просто чтобы было.
Но как говориться легко сказать…
На это небольшую толпу я потратил времени больше чем на все остальное вместе взятое и умноженное на два(
Ну да ладна, не люблю ныть но надо же как то оправдатьсяX)

Hello everyone)
It haven't passed a year, as the saying goesX)
But wait... Today is already the 15th?! It was the 1st yesterday, where are the two weeks gone?! — 0___0
Well ok, shit happens))

So, I've planned to draw this stuff for some 4 days, what would be in fact a record for me. Minimum background details, more blur and everything so fast and very quickly.
And it was ok, until I started to paint the crowd on the background...
I wanted to try drawing the crowd scene for a long time, but it had to be very simple, just for show.
Well, as the saying goes, easier said than done...
I spent more time on this small crowd than on everything else doubled(
Well all right, I don't want to whine, I just wanted to explain myselfX)

Tanks a lot to :icongrimnir11: for translation)
And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))

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As I saw this pic, this came into my mind :)…
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This, my friends, is what we call perfection!
Great job, bro I am a dummy! 
It's all fun n games til someone gets caught in da net. >8/...... ah wanna rematch....
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I love RD in the crowd
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Defiantly need more of Spitfire from you. I think it was this that made me support you in the first place.
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I like her, And I Am sure that I will draw her more in the future)
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She is my favourite pony. Can't wait to see her more.
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Spitfire is awesome! ^w^

Also, great detail and you captured the mood very well! Здорово получилось)
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Спасибо! ^^
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OMG! ur art is soon gud!(i know i spelled that wrong) can u do a DJ pon 3 one pls?Icon: Vinyl Scratch Beats 
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W-Wow..! Splendid! The shadow on that pink pony, too! Love the place!
I love your artworks so much, this is amazing <3 Thank you so much!
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SpitFire is wicked awesome. In this art, she is on fire.:happybounce: +fav 
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Hello as you take trade or registration
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"So Soarin', Spitfire or Rainbow Dash?"
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