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Sky Racer (Patreon reward)

Hi to everyone)
And picture as Patreon reward for Allyster Black this time)

Heh, interesting fact but when I worked on the hover bike I felt some nostalgy...
I also feel the same when I listening music which I listened 4 years ago, when just had start to draw
Sometimes it is really great to remember about "Old days"))
And why it so pull me to nostalgy... hm....
Winter = trees without leaves = atmosphere of despair = thoughts of the past = nostalgia. Yes, it is, that is why:D
But I love winter anyway, even without butterflies, really))

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Это просто охуенно)
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your art was stolen by this person on steam . They aren't crediting you either.

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Cheers love! Tv's cavalry's 'ere!
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I love every aspect of this image.

Can I use this art please!!??
I don’t mean like That I claimants but I just ask if I can use it
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Beautiful and... enticing.
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This strongly reminds me of Tracer from overwatch.
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I thought it was a ponified Tracer at first xD
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I like the attitude she's showing off 

This made me re-watch FACE THE FUTURE // Race Day
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"Cheers, love!"
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She be a sexy one! Rawr!!!!!
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Nice, it is great to see more hover bikes!
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А кто это. Девочка, мальчик?
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Давно меня тут не было, вот зашёл, и что я вижу??
Самодовольную поньку, которая думает что круче всех на треке?!
Дайте мне этот мотолёт я её заставлю пыль глотать, ну или в крайнем случае - здравствуй дерево.
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Looks like she's a first place kind of girl.
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tracer pone confirmed
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