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Sketch (patreon reward)

One more sketch as Patreon reward for RhythmPixel  this time)

And this is my first time when I see a pony with harp...
I saw a lot of pony with music instruments but I think harp is most rare from it)

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Wow, amazing! Thanks for sharing the sketch :)

Lilac Atropina plays the harp too :)

Making of 'Lilac Atropina'
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Таакс, а где мои мелки ?
Хм, желтого и белого не хватает, наверно вчера были съедены ...
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Looking good
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Сюда Флаттершай подходт!
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A wonderful piece! Hope she can reach those bass notes! Have you ever seen or heard a cross-strung harp before, by the way? Went to a private recital by Harper Tasche... it was amazing!
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Very well-done!  I love how the birds are singing along!
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again, How the hell is THIS a sketch???
It looks like a full line art for me anyway!
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Am... honestly this is a line art but yes, all pictures without color are sketches to me^^
Thank you very much ^_^
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Класс, милота! Покраску не планируешь:)
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
сяп ^w^
Что до покраски то один из моих друзей проявил желание покрасить, так что будет коллаб))
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Отличная анатомия, товарищ, а то не люблю, когда тело пони сосисками рисуют)
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Спасибо большое, стараемся ^w^
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Замечательный скетч! :)
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Рад слышать, спасибо большое ^w^
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Well here's something from memory lane. Dunno if you're into old school harp music, but here's something from the 1940's from one of the Marx Brothers:…

And the music suits this oh so well
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Heh, I saw this))
I find harp a very melodic instrument)
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