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Simple curiosity

- Няк някX3

И вновь описание - одна из частей доходя до которой я откровенно говоря впадаю в стопорX)

Изначально тут, опять же практики ради, задумывался только фон, но как же я мог не вписать суда поняшу тем более что они мне нынче везде мерещатсяX)
Шучу шучу, к сожалению не везде, а последнее время и вовсе не часто((

А если говорить серьезно то как мне показалось Флати тут неплохо дополняет фон + это все же лучше чем куст)

And again - descriptions are such part of work, that leads me into a stuporX)

At first, for the good of practice, I have planned only background, but then – how could I resist inserting a pony there, the more ponies are haunting me everywhereX)
I’m just kidding, unfortunately they are not everywhere, and the last time also far from often((

Seriously speaking, as it seems to me, Flutty complements that background very well + she is definitely better than some bush)

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for translation)
And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))
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The art is really beautiful
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 Is that Lyra I see?
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Flutters - "I spy with my lil eye, something beginning with 'S'. What could it be Angel? Angel?! No, don't throw pebbles at the sea-pony, bad bunny!" 

Jokes aside, those are some gorgeous colours, and such breathtaking detail too. 
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I see the seahorse sea Pony. I CAN SEE THE SECRETS-

XD Sorry, lovely art, btw!
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Gosh, your art level is something I may never achieve but damn will I strive for it!
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There's probably a perfectly good beer in that cooler down there.
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best fluttershy art ever!!! <3
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Oh my god the Lyra seapony XD!
I see a sea pony literally
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Looks really well.
SteamenMusic's avatar
Don't go into the water... there's sea ponies 0_0
KawaiiWonder's avatar
Wow! Land and water! :D
SafeGoldenHeart's avatar
😄 Beautiful! Simply realistically gorgeous!
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Lyra is here :D Awesome work!
Yakovlev-vad's avatar
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My gosh.

This is the kind of art that, no matter how big the file size it, deserves to be saved.

Simply breath-taking.
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Your art.... This art.... İs astonishing beautiful !! :wow:

And now ı addicted to this awesome level of art; ı am a new watcher :)
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You are veery welcome :D
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