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Shadows of the past

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Please, before you will hate me, read my thoughts to the end^^

So: Actually my first idea was a pretty deep, and I know that this theme is not popular in our community but despite this fact I did a risk to think about parents of the Princesses.
"Each segment has a beginning" and although Sisters are immortal i am pretty sure they was born by... classical way^^
Is this so or not one I can say being sure: they survived much more than one generation.
Which means they can remember ponies who was near to them in past and not exist at the current time.
The places where they lived turned into ruins and thickets of dense forest. But the magic remembers all.

In this picture I wanted to draw a place which means a lot to sisters and a shadows of that ponies, who also brings them a lot of dear memories.
Who they are? I thought about Princesses's parents, but they can be anyone.

Also this picture is a test of a comic style. I thought that drawing background with sharp lines will allow to draw it faster.
I was mistaken X)
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(A very beautiful and deeply emotional piece! The reflection in the water is incredible and really stands out!)

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LennyStendhal13Hobbyist General Artist

Oh, Luna and Celestia's parents? :O Heck, why not? That's a nice idea :D Even if it's not as popular as the other theory of them being immortal and "created rather than having been born", I'm glad there's people going with this headcanon too.

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HelenosPrime General Artist

There is a theory that Star Swirl invented the alicorns and immortality. He applied the magic of immortality to himself, as he once said that he has lived for 1000 years. He saw that the sisters are very capable of magic and took them to his apprentices.

I really think Celestia and Luna are the first alicorns. They used to be unicorns.

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A subtle yet powerful piece. I really like the theme of it =)

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ya ok thats awesome

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The birds remind me a little bit of their evil versions when it comes to collours.

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thecollision998New Deviant

watch for watch anyone it really helps thank you

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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist

The show never actually confirmed immortality.

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thecollision998New Deviant

watch for watch anyone it really helps reply done so i know

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TylerFreeFlightHobbyist Writer

This is an amazing image! I LOVE it so much. In one image you captured emotion and tell an entire story... A story in the mind of the viewer. That reflection is so powerful! It brings all the magic to life. You are amazing friend. This needs to be a poster!!! The background is beautiful and so well done.

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SKUNK412Hobbyist Digital Artist

Fantastic background.

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( Lulu was here )

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ZezhirDelioraNew Deviant

wow, this is quite the gorgeous piece...

I personally struggle a lot with backgrounds, mind sharing some sources that may have helped you learn to do your own? I try to just look around outside and sketch whatever I see but it's always nice to hear how others do/did it! c:

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tboltHobbyist Artist

Egad, I didn't even notice the reflection until I read your description, very nice! I like subtle things like that, finding a gem! =^^=

Horrible thought: "So that's what the bathroom looks like 1000 years after the toilet overflowed" =P

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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist


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BloodhoundPrestonHobbyist Digital Artist

That is very nice.

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MisinoFlareHobbyist Digital Artist

This is very pretty!

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I feel the backstory of Celestia and Luna was one of the major things the shows creators shouldn't have left in the dark. Among other things *cough* Zebra's and Diamond Dog's. Hell Celestia sorta confirms when Flurry was born that she and Luna aren't natural Alicorns.

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RJDETONADOR97Hobbyist Traditional Artist

That's so cute. Nice work drawing it, Yakovlev

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beautiful work here

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Yakovlev-vadHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you ^_^

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