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Secret place

Yep, every pony have secret place for escaping of real life and Applejack is not exception)

Just did one more attempt to draw picture for hour.
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A cosy if a bit too cramped abode.

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some how I can image her doing this

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Your art is a super inspiration for me.

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I love it so much <3

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The most tender pic I have seen in years. Simply adorable.

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That's absolutely adorable, and damn cozy looking as well!

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Now I'm convinced she's part cat

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I like this. Reminds me of some of the books I read as a kid.

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awww so cuuute!!! LOVE IT!!! And I love the little snail you put on top lol!!!!!

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That's cute and very cool! Nice art!
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That doth be so lovely and adorable, I can forgive the snail being there! (I hate slugs and snails, they creep the hell out of me)
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This tiny spot actually looks pretty cozy despite it's size and how little there is. Also feels secure thanks to it's casual appearence on the outside and lock on the inside.
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When you really want to escape your daily apple harvesting duties.

Awesome work and very cute

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I absolutely love it, this is a lovely idea and the lock certainly makes sure she'll get in that good little nap without getting bothered too much! This is a lovely idea and I love how you executed it.
         Chibi AppleJack Icon 
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Awww how cute ;;;❤❤
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