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I think everyone can be lazy at the end of the work day, this is absolutely usual thing)
And Celestia also would like to watch her favorite serial even if it is too late, cuz why not.

But "the night is dark and full of terrors" as it saying
She had to know that night - is time of night princess, so... =3

Just decided to color my old sketch) I really love a theme of two princess, this always make me smile)

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Liphonthe3New Deviant
Because she hates spiders
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Liphonthe3New Deviant
What luna is doing is what I would do to my sister
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and then Celestia see on the Tv scream what luna try by the reflection.

Celestia: Luna, You think i not see you? and You should be on the bed Young lady, You are not ready be up on this hour!

Luna:busted*He he he good night!*she fly to her room*

Celestia: ….Filly on this age..well as wase not better*she try to drink her hot chocolate but found she need to refile, she teleport to kitchin take the all right hot water and take the proud of chocolate mixe it* Hmm i think i will take some chips too*she the door were the chips is and found a fake spider and got scare of a sec* AaaaH?!….Luna so you have a back plan…you got me ha ha ha ha!

Luna in her room in her bed.

Luna: Yes she fall on it ha ha ha ha, I know it i fail prank the first try but will get her the second ha ha ha..now i sleep peaceful, and when the sun is will up and take my breakfast i will go prank all my favourite guards victime Ha ha ha …zzzzz

Celestia watch her from the door of the room of luna.

Celestia: Sleep well my little prankster-sister, You will need it to prank those elite guard..i can't wait to see their face ones be prank ha ha ha ha!

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SydneyitsSydneyYoProfessional Digital Artist

This made me giggle, I love it ^^

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wish we could of had both GAMER LUNA and prankster luna in the series

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Luna doth be doing what a young sister doth supposed to do. As usual, thy artstyle be immaculate!

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Сразу видно, у человека есть вкус! Ты вроде русский (но это не точно). Я просто хочу сказать тебе, что твои арты очень красивые. А ещё ты рисуешь принцессу Селестию, а она моя вайфу)

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"Ah... One full cake, one new episode of my favorite series and no sister in sight. The evening can't get better."

"You shouldn't have said that, sister. The fun just begun..."

Wonderful work.

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i am new. how do we make images

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And now another great sister pranks sister piece is complete =P

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charathesparerHobbyist General Artist


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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer

I'd get a yuck if Celestia had something like an air horn or something like that to scare Luna unbeknownst to Luna.

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FluffyrescentHobbyist Digital Artist


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hehe cool, love when you draw both celly and luna together! <3

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Я балдею от твоих работ. :wave:

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This is exactly, what we did with my brothers... and still do when we get together

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lunar strike:why do i hear ambulance and police sirens in the middle of the night?

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tboltHobbyist Artist

Fun in 3, ... 2, ... 1 ... =^^=

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i love this series so much.

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Your art is always awesome and brillant. also cake.. i see what you did there.

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The nighttime have begun!

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This is really nice I always love seeing Celstia and Luna together.

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