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Ray of Hope (Patreon reward)

By Yakovlev-vad
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- Wow, I saw absolutely the same beetle on that old postcard!
Yep, In the world, where from all insects survived only cockroaches, this is a real magic to see a real butterfly.

Time to get the geiger counter!
And I hope the the radiation test result will be encouraging, otherwise...

And one more sketch as Patreon Reward for LTH935 this time) 

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Thanks again for sharing the sketch, I really appreciate seeing it!

Mokey1980s's avatar must be a mind reader, Yak. I have been playing Fallout 76 for a few weeks now, and I come across this. Wish they would add some normal creatures as a rare encounter during your travels

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Something else that is alive! (And not mutated into a giant, hideous brain-nomming creature! )=^^=

My only complaint on the fallout series: How does that ecosystem even work? =^^=

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Actually that would not be would indicate survival of what they feed off of. Plant life returning is a good sign. Actually insects are pretty resistant to radiation. Roaches are not that high on the list but better than humans. Some ants are the champs at over 2000 grays followed by adult fruit flies around 1600. A gray being one joule of radiation per kilogram of matter. Humans die at 6. Has to do with amount and complexity of DNA. Insects have less to damage mutation wise.

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Wow, honestly I even didn't think about it^^

I was absolutely sure that Roaches are survival champions)

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Так могу я получить ответ?
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That was always the joke about roaches out survive everything during the haydays of the atomic era. The promises of survival were really just stories to make you feel better. With radiation high enough and lingering long enough all things will die eventually. Folks in Lapland are still dealing with Chernobyl....their reindeer still irritated from eating the lichens which are full of radiation fallout. Serious stuff Considering half life of some radiation is over a thousand years.

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Hmm, butterfly surviving radiation....

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Heh, good example))

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