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Rage of sun (Color sketch)

Hi to every one)
Not so long time ago I got a question on my tumblr about "can I draw anything on dark theme?"
And as I answered - Dark is not my theme, I love when ponies smiling, they just have to smiling on my opinion >w<
Anyway for this time I decided to try to draw something evil and I coised Celestia character.

Honestly I wanted to draw something like a transition phase from Celestia to DayBreaker, but...
somethink went wrong and this more like transition phase from DayBreaker to.... a Demon?^^

Yep, sometimes a creative process can to bring a strange result but this is exactly what makes it interesting))
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¿I didn't know that celestia could use the devil trigger?

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I've been gone for awhile since I don't really like or get DAs new UI, but I came back to this! Absolutely fantastic work as usual

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Oh damn, somebody made her lose her temper...
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Mommy's very angry... :thumbsup: :fear:
All hail the empress Solar Flare!
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You mean Daybreaker
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Oooh, that would be an interesting concept. Not just an evil side, but a trully BROKEN one.
Luna -> Nitghtmare -> Dark Moon
Celestia -> Daybreaker -> Solar Flare

Also, Yakovlev, can I make a little competition here?

Whomever thinks of a more creative name or condition for why are they in this form wins. =)
The absolute last form when they can't even be smart about being evil. Sort of primal rage, or something.
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why does this remind me of the game series of "God of War"?
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The intensity of her expression is just amazing!! Bravo! <3
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WOW, That lighting looks AMAZING!!
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Cool? Awesome? Badass? How about: awesomelycoolbadass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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oh damn...this is terrifying!
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"At First I convinced myself it was for my subjects...
I would say 'My Little Ponies' need my guidance
Then I found myself relishing the prove my radiance...
It was all I had...but the Nightmare continued...I lost my sister...I couldn't bear to lose my ponies....
So I fought harder...the Dark arts...came more naturally than one would imagine.

It wasn't for several years where I would look back...and see that I had Indeed changed
Yet, no matter how many times I ran the numbers...It could never have ended any other way
Is what I tell myself

Then it all comes rolling back, the guilt, the pain, I can't take it do that would be to deny who I am.
So I embrace it.

Who am I?

Who am I?  I am QUEEN DAYBREAKER sovereign Ruler of the Mighty Equestrian Empire!!!"
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You are amazing! This image rocks!
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AyItsAndrea is about to kill herself tomorrow so please send her some love and support! She desperately needs it!
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You are so amazing, I wanna be just like you! The way you do the manes and outline the fur, shading, it makes me squirm with satisfaction of how smooth everything is, it looks like the image will come right out of the screen!
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This is Daybreaker in super-mode!

Really well-drawn; the orange tattoos are a nice touch!
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Ficou foda,isso que importa "u"
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