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Почему-то я подумал про древнегреческую богиню войны Афину..
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It loks awesome!
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Damn fausticorn is looking very bad ass these days.
Scoobyhogger's avatar
It looks like Ersa on Fairy tail (mlp Style) XD
dragontrainer1117's avatar
it looks like erza from fairy tail as a my little pony it looks amazing
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
She looks so amazing!!:happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy! Love 
dragonblue900's avatar
She looks like Lauren at the firse look
patriciaschmidt's avatar
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Mannn you have some amazing artwork. <3 
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the scenery looks wonderful, but distant. this pony on the other hand is really what makes the image pop. her beautiful red mane and tail blend nicely, it looks like she flew in from the right and then stopped immediately in front of you to stop your from proceeding. a splendid image of a guardian protecting her home. The Spear and art have such wonderful details and look very natural and form fitting while still allowing for free movement. The spear and how she holds it looks ready and waiting for battle and is a wonderful ascetic that really blends with her character. The Arc of runic light behind her is also a neat little touch of detail. 9/10 mostly because she looks more apart from the setting and less like she is their. it is still a beautiful setting regardless.
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For commander snowfire
this is beautiful!!!
great picture!!
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A true goddess in of itself
Terrortheslayer's avatar
Bring on the warjacks.
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Отлично нарисовал, 10\10.
Torvusil's avatar
Amazing artwork. I especially like how you drew her vibrant red mane and wings.
Kyoshyu's avatar
This is badass on so many level. Both the art and the character. :)
Paddle-Steamer's avatar
10/10 would snuggle pegasus warrior, or die trying.
WOW,I love the way you present your characters.
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Incredible picture :iconfavbomb-plz:
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