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Nonchalance =3

Hello everyone)
I just wanted to draw another quick landscape, but recently I revisited one of the movies from my childhood - Bambi,
and decided to draw him, because why not))

I experienced many nostalgic feelings... oh my, I remember at that time I didn't even know how
to use a tape recorder X)
Tape recorder... interesting, does any of you actually remember what that is at this point? X)

Anyway, fun fact, I didn't even know that movie had a sequel up until just a week ago XD
I was very surprised at this and, of course, watched it too))
Well, I want to revisit every single movie from my childhood now >w<
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Omg, Bambi is so cute, I can't...! Good job!

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Не могли бы Вы пожалуйста сказать в какой программе это было выполнено? И какие кисточки используете?

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Oh.. My... God! Saw your piece for a split second. IMEDIETLY HIT FAVORITE BUTTON! Its so beautiful, cool, adorable, amazing etc! Probably the most high quality of beauty of Bambi I have ever seen. Bambi is always my bro. Great Job!

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I always loved this movie! This is very adorable! I even like butterflies as well!
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So pretty and adorable. I love it 😍

P.S. Bambi is still one of my favorite movies
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these are super great
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Will there ever be bambi 3 one day?
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Omg I never saw this one before holy shot this looks amazing you did do a bambi one, I knew you would this looks incredible, my god no words can describe how awesome this is
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Oh, how I love this! :love:
I haven't seen the sequel. Did you know there's a book sequel called Bambi's Children? :aww:
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It is one of the few Disney classics that I have not seen together with Snow White and the Little Mermaid.

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I'm adding to favorites right now!
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a classic childhood movie
so happy, free, innocent, and vibrant with life 0o0
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I love Bambi also! What software do you use if its okay to ask
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Какая прелесть! :)
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Oooh this looks beautifull! I love DIsney and I can see why you want to revisit the movies from your childhood. Thanks to this drawing I feel like it too!
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Awww, how lovely work :heart: :love: It's so sweet and colorful!
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Don't be afraid from the hunters and the predators!!! 
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beautiful and so cute !
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Bir... Bir... Bir-duh!

Beautiful work! :thumbsup: :)
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