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New army is coming (Sketch)

Of course I am not sure, but how do you think, will wee see the Chrysalis with her canon changelings more in the future?
To be honest I think so =3

And this sketch was an Patreon reward for: DTReborn this time. Thank you for this idea, I really had a fun working on this sketch))
Also this picture was my try to Mass of characters and first I wanted to finish it without coloring, but little later decided to do a Simplest coloring for this picture.

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If they don't feel love, are they cuddling out of hate..?

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I hope those are voodoo dolls >:D

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Ah yes, the Equestria at War AU.

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Stil ladorable!
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even tho those two are fighting over a Celestia Doll, that doll looks like it's doing it's best to pose gracefully lol
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I don't see a lot of images of Chrysalis acting as a real Mum, so this is a real find for me. Particularly love how chuffed she looks, hehe. I'd love to know who and where the Dad is. 
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"And you won't betray me like the last batch did will you? Oh no, no you won't. Mommy is so proud of you my precious babies."
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"I ain't no helicopter mom. Sink or swim, b*tch."Queen Chrysalis 12 
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this is actually adorable
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what is discord doing in the bottom of the picture ??? he should try hidding better...
two horns over the ears, yellow eyes, no holes in his legs, its oblivious he's spying on them.
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Why do I feel like they live in West Virginia?
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Interesting! By the way, has anybody ever thought how does Crys differ her changelings?
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The same way bees or ants do ?
By smell.

Though I am of the opinion that she dosent care because they are a hivemind, so there is no separate individuals there is just one her and her the rest is irrelevant.
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