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Master of the sun

You even can't imagine how much I hate autumn. Every September of each year is month of morbid state and depression for me((
Don't know... I always hated 1th September cuz this date is first day of school (in russia at least) and after 3 months of freedom (summer holidays) it was like a catastrophe for me X)
Looks like that habit has survived from my school/college years...
Anyway it was a little lyrical digression.

Now some words about the picture^^:
This picture I drawn as Patreon reward for Grypher G and as usual I want to say "Special thanks" for this idea. Celly is one from my favorite characters and so it was a pleasant for me to draw her ^w^
I also still trying to adaptate soft shading for my pictures of "color sketches" category)
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This sorta goes along with the day breaker art you made.

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I guess that I missed that one. I like the pose and her expression

Awesome work
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Dayman (ah-ah-ah)
Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah)

Champion of the Sun (ah-ah-ah)
You're a Master of Karate
And friendship
For Everyone

Dayman (ah-ah-ah)
Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah)
Champion of the Sun! (ah-ah-ah)
You're a Master of Karate

And Friendship
For Everyone

Dayman (ah-ah-ah)
Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah)
Champion of the Sun (ah-ah-ah)
You're a Master of Karate
And Friendship
For Everyone!
I wonder if you would be okay with someone i follow on deviantart...
Wanting to use some of your Celestia drawings for a Celestia tribute she's working on for youtube?
Will be sure to link back here to where it comes from of course!
I found 4 beautiful pictures that would have fit well.

But i don't wanna go take them to show, without asking you for permission.
So if i can, im sure she would be really happy!
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Are you aware that a lockscreen app is using your art?
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688a02 by Yakovlev-vad  -  Wow, really?
I didn't know about it...
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Yeah. Here are screenshots if you want to take any action to get the app removed from the store.
Screenshot 20180111-144747 by OnlineOdd   Screenshot 20180111-144758 by OnlineOdd  
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OMFG!!!! ...
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How could a pony use a sword? (without magic).

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А х*й его знает...
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Unless strapping it to their side is an option (assuming its too hard to attack with their mouth) then only unicorns and alicorns could i guess.
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gorgeous and royally dynamic
praise the sun that Celestia runs its course
ooo, fancy sword there ^w^
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Looks like that sword cuts with love. The first cut is the deepest, then? Heartbreaker, sword form?
Regardless, lovely Celestia in her element is always nice and welcome. She looks pretty mischievous too - I like when she looks like that.

As for autumn, after leaving school behind and being done with normal college years, I honestly can say I see where you're coming from, but for me it went away at least somewhat. Enjoyed seeing everything still warm enough but already yellowing and the rainy weather and beautiful orange autumn sunlight setting in through some of the months, thanks to not having to go slave away in September specifically.
Perhaps it may be helped that this colour of sunlight that you get in autumn a lot reminds me of Sunset Shimmer. And so do the leaves on the trees... more than once I thought of going on walks among those yellow-red trees with her, playing with the leaves, making freshly fallen leaf decorations to weave into her hair. That makes autumn warmer than summer, on the inside.
*waits til Tia goes to sleep and messes with the sword*
Twiley wish she could use this... >8)
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This one goes right to my phone's wallpaper. Looks fantastic!
Just hope there's a landscape orientation version of this painting, so I can have it on my computer screen, too. xD
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As incredible as your recent anthro art is, nothing compares to your ponies!!!!!
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heh, thank you ^_^
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The Princess of the Sun's confident, knowing look stands out immediately, even with so much beautiful and captivating detail throughout herself and the scene. It gives the impression that this is some ceremonial duty she doesn't get to do very often even though she really enjoys it; even better if it signals something good too. (When she's wearing her nice edge-tips on her wings it really feels a bit more formal.)

Lovely work on Princess Celestia, so many sweet details and textures, plus the way her mane and wings frame her is pretty terrific too. The hazy evening sunlight and pinkish hues in the little grove add a sweet and gentle mood, even with her holding such a bad-ass sword.

I hope this autumn goes much better for you and me both. (As a kid it was the most-torturous time of year for me.) Thanks for sharing.
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