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Luna's humor V.2


And since then Celestia eats only water)

Luna have to hope that Celly will never know this is her work, otherwise trip to the moon will be the best what can happen with her^^

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Oh... Sister... I'll get you BACK! 3:<

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Luna is she finds out you going to be in BIGGGGGGGGG trouble

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Wouldn't it be hilarious if she weighed as much as an elephant?

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Looks like Tia has to cut back on the cake a bit :D

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congratulations and thank you, you got me snickering, that does happen often (:

Maybe a good time to lay off the 🎂 🍰

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Oh there are some things you just don't do to a sister. *snicker*

The real reason Luna was sent to the moon.

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All I can honestly say is...Oof
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I also notice Philomina is hiding - I suspect she's laughing behind her wing and knows what has happened.

When Philomina knows it was to be serious when she is hiding behind her wings of princess celesta weighing herself without her hoof guards when she suspects the scale was tampered with as the pointer was at the cattle when those hope the outcome of princess celesta being the weight of an elephant.

Celestia what he's beak your not fat
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Not enough, a whale XD 
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Well to be fair, she is practically twice the size of the other ponies
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Was this before or after the wasp? 
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Hahahaha funny she 😡
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oh lol this made me laught so much, poor Celestia
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Everything is fun and jokes until she sends you to the moon
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Lunas joke costed just hundred of inocent lifes.
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