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Luna's humor =3

- Tia! Look at what I just found! >w<
It is the biggest beetle I have ever seen!
He has got to be a prince, I mean, you are biggest Pony and you are a princess, so since he is the biggest beetle he has got to be a prince too!
He even has a horn just like you!

- Get this thing away from me!!! >_<

-But Tia!

*Squeaking - I said get rid of it!!! >>>_<<<

- Nuuu... Ok. *NOM*

- *indecipherable cry*

Yep, Luna's humor)
After that she'll find something similar in her bed, Celestia can also do pranks)) :D
Quick little picture just for fun)
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Hi i have a question what kind of cake flavor is on the plate :-?

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Где тут лайк поставить? Что ни рисунок, то целая история!

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*giggles at this*
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Ох Луна.:XD:
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Reminds me of "Frog Prince" fairy tale. If only Celestia could kiss that bug, he'd turn into a handsome alicorn prince. But due to her fear of bugs, that is not to be.
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but- that beetle is so coot q-q
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If it wasn't for Ant Canada I would't know that was a Rhino Beetle.
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omggg i watch antscanda too :VV
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Omg I replied late. Hi!

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Hi :> no worries
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I left for a long time.
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I would be like celesta. I do not do bugs. I enjoy them from a distance. Don't stick one in my face.

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haha  i love bugs so 100% luna but i also love snakes
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When they say it's cute it's cute!AWWWWW.Pinkie Pie #3 Pinkie pie (Yep) plz Pinkie Pie #2 and this is pinkie pie approved, so people   cannot say no.
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Fury (my pony OC): Cuzie Celestia, do you have Entomophobia?
Celestia: What? What does that mean?
Fury: Fear of bugs and insects
Celestia: No...
Fury: I can tell you're lying.
Celestia: OK, so I am! So what?! I just can't stand them. They're creepy. 
Luna: Are you bug and insect phobic Fury?
Fury: No Cuzie Luna. My problem's not with bugs and insects... though I don't like them very much... my problem's with snakes! Just the thought of one... *shivers*
Luna: Like this one? *shows him a baby snake*
Fury: SNAKE! *screams and jumps up high in the air. Celestia and Luna see's him hanging on a chandelier for dear life.* KEEP IT AWAY! KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!
Celestia: I believe he got what's called Ophidiophobia. Or, you know, a fear of snakes. Twilight mentioned it to me in one of her letters. 
Luna: For the world's most powerful alicorn, he's not very brave when it comes to snakes is he?
Celestia: No, he's not. You think you can put that baby snake outside now? Fury will NEVER come down until you do.
Luna: You sure he doesn't want it as a pet?
Luna: Oh alright. I'm just trying to have a little fun. *begins to leave to put the baby snake back outside*
Celestia: Yeah, but at our expense!
Fury: Has she done pranks like this before?
Celestia: Yeah... she has.
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This reminds me of the IDW comic style for some reason, great work!
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r.i.p. beetle. lol
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It's a pony, presenting a bug, presenting a clover.
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sooooooo cute XD
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But it's a cute friendly beetle!
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