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Luna's desire =3

6 by Yakovlev-vad  - Как по мне асе это лишь обманный маневр.
На самом деле Луна знает, что, за вазочку, которую она разбила когда носилась по квартире играла, ей грозит дисциплинарное взыскание в виде ремня/тапка/газеты, и просто пытается умилостивить хозяина)
Хотя там еще и шторка, и цветочки... и обои... и чрезвычайно важный, дорогой и не подлежащий восстановлению пакет документов который очень важен хозяину...
Даааааа, похоже Луняша продешевила рисунком X)

А возможно она просто хочет себе щеночка=3
6 by Yakovlev-vad - As far as I'm concerned, this looks like a distraction maneuver.

In reality Luna knows, that for the vase that she broke when storming though the apartment playing, she is threatened with a disciplinary action in the form of a belt/slipper/rolled up newspaper, so she simply tries to get in good terms with the owner)
Though there are also the drapes, and flowers...and wallpapers...and an extremely important, expensive and unrepairable set of documents that is very important to the owner....
Yeeeesss, it seems that Luna tried to abide with the drawing X)

Or maybe she just wants a puppy =3
Luna definitely inspired by this pic =3

Thanks a lot to :iconbently96: for translation)
And thanks to all who's supporting me at… every pledge means a lot to me!))
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Is that Bolt on her drawing?

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How can anyone be mad at her from a accident awww hugs its alright dont worry about it

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Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.  ^^  
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Love your art well done ^^
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Man, she can draw.
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Wait a sec, Baby Luna are you breaking the 4th wall and going inside another movie called Bolt?
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I..I cant even..there are no words..(THIS IS AMAZING!!)
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Amazing. There's so much detail in this, such as all the sketches lying around (Octavia in the bottom right?). And, of course, Luna is adorable 😁.
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Сам арт превосходный, забавный, милый. Но описание какое то гнетущее и бессердечное, жалко её становится, каким надо быть бессердечным сухарём чтобы ударить Луну ещё и ремнём?! Я надеюсь всё же она получит щеночка, а не слёзы и боль за какую то вазочку.
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Is that oh gawd!

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She is so cute!! :love:
You did such an amazing job capturing the reflection in her eyes, too! Pinkie Pie (Big Smile) mlp season 6 
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Aaaawh so cute
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Can't discipline someone/pony that cute.
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so cute
well done
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