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Look what I found! V.2

*Sneaks up to Luna*
*Stuffs a snake in Luna's face*  

*Shoots up into the air*
- UNFAIR! The bug was smaller!  

Celestia: *Smirking*
- What? You said the bug you found was the biggest one you've ever seen and this snake is far from the biggest.
Speaking of which...
There is another one lying somewhere, but it's too big even for me to lift( Hold on a second, I'll try to bait it here, don't go anywhere =3
*Gently places the snake onto the grass and whispers*
- Look after Luna, I'll be back soon)  

- Tia! Get back here, don't leave me alone!!! >_<  

- Oh, you're not alone, you have two new friends here with you! >w<  

- Two? O_o - What do you mean... two?..
*Something drops onto Luna's head, turning around she sees another snake hanging from another branch a bit higher above. It looks like it's about to drop down.*

P.s. And yep, Little continuation for my previous picture with Celli and Luna))
Childhood memories >w<

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OMG XD this is funny,

and so well done :thumbsup:

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... yea i hate snake sometime T^T

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Aww, the little snek wants Luna hugs. XD <3<3<3 Don't run Luna he just wants hugs and kisses!
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Omg all ur art is so adorable!!

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Just wait until a chicken crosses your path TiaSweating a little...  
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Now what movie does this remind me of???
Indiana Jones 4 by Jivra
LotusMoon93's avatar
I’d be right up there next to Luna
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:rofl: What a great mischievous sister moment!
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Holy shit, she has every right to be afraid, that's a King Cobra. they are one of the deadliest snakes in the world.
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My mom told me stories about doing similar things to her sister (my aunt) when they were growing up I think I'm going to have to share these with her with the question of "Does this remind you of anything?"
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Scared the shoes off of her
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Wow this is cute and hilarious
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Am laughing so hard.  ^^  
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celestia's hair was pink when she was younger im pretty sure... great painting btw i love your art style [Bunny Emote] Love [Bunny Emote] Closed Eye Smile 
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aww cute sneck 
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I always thought that Luna has some cat like behavior.
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That's too funny, but luna.... SPIDER INCOMING!!!
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