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Little storyteller

Another little picture and one more random idea from my head.
This time I decided to draw Twi. No, I didn't forget her wings. In my idea she is young and didn't have them yet.

But you probably thought "What is happening here?! О_о"
And this is where I would like to leave it to your imaginations. =3
I know that some people are really good at stories and it will be really interesting to hear your versions! =3
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Forget the food I’m adopting you!!!!!!

Can't help but wonder if Temporary shouldn't be Temporal.

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I would of cooked her some food everyday, even for everyday reading.

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SHE IS SO ADORABLE Smiley: Heart eyes , *gives all food*

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Awwww! I give her all my food. :dummy: :love:

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AWW here you can have the contents of my lunchbox just for being cute

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Looks like somepony was hungry and started eating her sign.
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Waaaiiit... not to criticize or anything (I love your art), but can't Twi just eat the grass?
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She want to be in sompany.
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Let me tell you a story about a little orphan pony, which faces its harsh situation through great optimism and its prolific imagination. She creates stories about magical worlds inhabited by fantastic creatures that live magnificent adventures.

This pony does not have a fixed home; she travels from town to town sharing her stories with anyone who wants to hear them -it is what we might call a "storyteller".
It usually stops in squares and parks; She arrives with a large trunk full of books, they are the ones who keep the magic, and she lies in the shade of the largest tree to patiently wait for her "clients" -generally foals- whom she entertains and astonishes with her incredible stories.

A day that seemed like any other, came to a town -a city- larger than any other, and something happened that not even his imagination could have engineered: She received the visit of a pony like no other she has ever seen . She was tall, taller than other mares, and even more than some steeds. His hair was long and deep orange-almost red, -like his tail, and his coat was the purest white.

It certainly had a beauty that stood out, but it was not what caught our little pony's attention, no, it was something else. In her travels she met all kinds of creatures, from zebras, griffons, changelings, to dragons, and obviously, ponies. The latter were divided into three races: The terrestrials, which was stronger and more resistant than other ponies; the unicorns, who performed powerful spells with their horns; and the Pegasus, who crossed the sky at will thanks to their wings. Each race had a badge that differentiated them from the other two, but this mare brought them together in one pony. It seemed unreal ... "She looks like a princess," thought the little pony.

The mysterious mare came up to lie down some distance from her, but did not say anything, just watched her in silence while she did her thing entertaining the foals. Subtle signs, a smile here, a gesture of amazement there, showed that she was paying attention to his story. By dusk, while all the ponies were returning to their homes, the little storyteller was getting ready to pick up her things and retire when someone spoke to her. It was that mare. She told him that she liked her stories a lot, especially the last one about a pony and her dragon helper, who overcome challenges, make new friends and learn about loyalty, honesty, generosity, kindness, laughter and all those values ​​that are sorely lacking in these days.

The little unicorn was moved by her words, so much that she gave him the book in which she wrote that story and in gratitude, the mare invited her to dinner. They spent all afternoon chatting, talking about this and that, whoever saw them would think they were good friends who did not see each other in a long time. Until night finally fell, and the mysterious mare offered to spend the night at home, which the little pony accepted gladly.

The next morning, the strange mare was about to wake her guest up for breakfast, but when she got to her room she discovered that she had already left. A note on the pillow explained that she should continue on his way, towards new towns, new stories. She also thanked her for his hospitality, and even more, for his friendship. In the end, a small signature, "T.S.", and nothing else.

That was the first and last time the red-haired mare saw the storyteller, but she never forgot it. Inspired by her, the mare began to write, not stories but plays, adventures and fantasies that can brighten the day even the most miserable pony, and discovered that she was good for that.

Years passed, and with the advance of technology, she went from theaters to television, and so one day, took the book that the little pony gave him and in honor of it, she turned it into a great series that teaches guys and adults about the fundamental values ​​for a good and lasting friendship, but that's another story, for another day.
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Sorry for the mistakes, I use the google translator=P (Razz) 
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Awwwn! I give you all the food! So cute you are!
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daww  ill give chu alll da food!
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here is foodFloating Cinnamon Roll Icon   
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Can you read to me Fireborn and her brothers? I got some ramen.Hot Ramen Ramen :ramen: Soup Emote Ramen ramen icon wanted new member
I has a lot of ramen. Story please.
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I could read it to you too i-if you want.Lucy - Blushes Blush-Small Worried/Blushing Sans Emote 
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Isn't grass considered food for the horses?
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 My thought is if you read her a story she’ll give you food in return but that’s just my two cents 
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And if you follow the chain of comments i see this ... and you Outdid  yourself .

I would feed her for as long as i live and let her read me stories .
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Aww, read stories for her. :) Why not adopt her?
I love your art ! Can I take some of yours illustrations for my french forum about My Little Pony please ? **
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Wheres 'A Roadside Picnic?'
... but she's a horse sitting in a grassy field. How is she hungry? lol

Amazing art... keep up the great work!! <3
give her spaghetti!
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