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Little hippogrif (Patreon reward)

Color picture as Patreon reward for Lekrius this time)

Actually, as Lekrius said, he is hippogriff but here is interesting moment for thinking:
As we know in canon Hippogriffs have back part of horse, Griffins of lion, and both have eagle as front part of their body.
Here we have horse(Pony), lion and eagle together so in my opinion correct name for this creature will be Hipogriffin)
But this is just my opinion^^

Anyway I don't know why but I really love creatures like this... maybe because of the paws? Yep, I truly love paws >w<

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I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!!!!

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Btw, someone traced this and posted it on facebook:

Luiiwen helped me figure it out by comparing the two (they're not the one who traced it, they just helped me figure it out ^^)
Can I use it? I don’t mean it ugly minutes but I just asked to use it
Never minde my translate is dead
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You've managed to make this adorable. :)
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It's the cutest abomination I have ever seen! :thumbsup: :D

(I use the word abomination in jest. I suppose hybrid would be a nicer word to use.)
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I love the glimmer in his eye Heart Love 
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В названии должны быть 2 ff.
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Aw, what a cutie! Awesome coloring!
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Very cute and well-drawn :)

Reminds me of something from my Grand List of Things Hasbro Won't Let a Brony Do in a Fangame:

253) The "hippogryph" myth originated due to people speaking of the impossibility of breeding griffins and horses, because griffins ATE horses in the original myths...I am not allowed to incorporate ANY of this into the game!
         [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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such a cute lil hippogriff!
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Ха!, глянь-ка на мою семейку грифопонек, всё дело в генах!!!  Sweet Icecream Family by Vasillium

Такой вопрос:- Не смотрел ещё спойлерную шестую серию восьмого сезона?

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that's really cool, like the lighting and the colours but I have a questions, whats the reflection?
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Awesome work
What is reflected in his eye?
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Magnificent. I agree with hipogriffin (or any variation of this).
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Yep, a country Hippogriffin at that =p
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Interesting design and I agree with your opinion!
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