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Last ray of the day

14 by Yakovlev-vad  - Celestia time! >w<
It's the last moment of every working day for her! ^^
Anyway, It's still her time.
Luna's time comes! =3

If you like my work, please, look through my Patreon 
Any Bit, pre allows me to spend less time looking for job and more for drawing!
And thanks to everyone who's already supporting me at my Patreon, I really appreciate your support a lot))
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Quite beautiful and majestic.
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You do realize those are Monarch Butterflies, and that they are poisonous... right?
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Let just say butterflies in drawings are pure incests

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This fills me with a sense of peace to look at Heart 
This is stunningly beautiful!
TalentedMoon's avatar
She... Looks........ SO FLUFFY! :3 ^w^
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This is beautiful
It must take you a lot of time and patience to put so much detail into the hair O_O
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The way you draw eyes is amazing!
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Картинка не грузицо!
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I am using your artwork in a YouTube video that combines, "Lullaby for a Princess," "Luna's Reply," and "Luna's Soliloquy" into the first Lullaby for a Princess Trio.

I have given you credit alongside the many other artists who are featured in the video. I do not intend to make money with your hard work. Please let me know if I have not given you enough credit or if you notice something I could improve.

Okay, I would add a link, but it seems to trigger a spam alert. OMG! 
Just type in, "Lullaby for a Princess Trio" in YouTube, and you'll find the video there.
Hope you enjoy! Singing 

Yakovlev-vad's avatar
Weeeee >w<
It is a honor to me ^_^
SilverSong3's avatar
Thanks a lot! 
The moment I saw your picture, I knew it was a great picture to use. 
I'm starting to see many natural talents that I can share with everyone, even if it's something as simple as making a Trio of a popular pony song. I still can't quite see how no one has thought of that before...Ah, well.
Thanks for your great work.
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This is so beautiful *-*
N-Rainbow-7's avatar
All That Detail And Work Put Into This...
So Nicely Done.
Tillie-TMB's avatar
Awww, She's soooo FWUFFEY! (I wanna hug)
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Imagine if a giant butterfly, perhaps big enough for her to ride, showed up and wanted to be her friend.

Mothra's cousin.
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them mad details
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