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Knock Knock=3

Всем привет)
6 by Yakovlev-vad  - Обычно я не рисую пинки потому, что ее грива, откровенно говоря, вызывает у меня перегрузку мозга. Она мне всегда представлялась как что то, что сделано из пластика, но никак не из волос.  Хотя если представить, сколько средств должно быть затрачено для того, что бы волосы лежали именно так как мы их видим, то от пластика это действительно не будет сильно отличаться)
Я просто не могу понять как такое возможно, особенно челка...
Ну да ладно.
Не так давно я умудрился проспорить одному товарищу из за чего я должен был нарисовать Пинки.
Но о прическе речи не было, по сему я решил немного поотсебятничатьX)

Hi everyone)
6 by Yakovlev-vad  - Usually I don’t draw Pinkie because her mane frankly makes my brain overloaded. It always seemed to me that her mane is made from some kind of plastic but no way hair. Though if you imagine how much is spent for hair if we want them look like we need, it won’t be actually much different from plastic)
I just can’t understand how is it possible, especially forelock…
I’ve recently lost a bet for my fellow, therefore I had to draw Pinkie.
But there were no words about manestyle, thus I decided to put own styleX)

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for translation
And thanks to all who's supporting me at…;I really appreciate your support))
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Поотсебятничаство удалось :)

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I like her. A more stable Pinkie that's just as social, plus cuteness! :)
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Don't let that smile fool you!
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a lot of people make her hair look like plastic example  Suspicious Ponk by CaptainPudgeMuffin
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Nice, love the style of the eyes
DiamondAssassin3's avatar
Oh god
Why is her hair down!???!
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Who's there? :D

Oh hi, Pinkie Pie! :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
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I do like your straight haired pinky, but I always envisioned her with crinkly-wavy hair...  almost like a friend I had back in high school.…

Almost like this.  Her hair grew naturally this way.  She would brush it when wet, then just leave it.  Sooooo much jell to keep it from going into an afro.
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Straight maned Pinkie = serial killer this doesn't look like pinkamena though great work
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Во всяком случае это выглядит куда лучше оригинала. Не так вымораживающе. Откровенно говоря - она бесит меня. Но я аж удивился когда увидел это. Выглядит максимально приятно
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You write in Russian, right?

I tried to learn from my parents like this. ^^;
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I actually really like her more with straight hair, It's cuter (??)

I don't know, but this is really cute. Good job :^D
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Ayyyyyyy! Pinkie you look so cute!!!
Meowmeowgrrrl123's avatar
Well...yeah her hair's plastic! It's a balloon!

Jk, my hair looks just like hers if I don't put product in my hair after a shower. No lie. It just gets so frizzy.

Omg. We just discovered why Pinkie's hair looks the way it does. She forgets to put her anti-frizz stuff in after her baths!
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Now that makes sense! :)
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Someone should really make Pinkie Pie dressed as Melanie Martinez...x3
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I used your image here:…
But I gave credicts to you.
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Every time I see this, it always puts a smile on my face! 😄 Love your work dude.
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Happy to hear ^w^
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