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And picture with Starligh requested by mrmeow )
Looks like she is one more character which I didn't draw yet...
I think I just must to draw her more often in the Future.))
To be honest she even reminds me Twilight in some moments. They even have consonant names)

So,  couple of words about situation:
As we know Stirlight lives at Twilight Castle right?
But she hasn't own place at round table, why? Anyway, when all friends goes to their mission Starlight have enough time for usurping one :D
Of course it is joke, she just warming it =3
Or........ =3
Anyway time will show))

P.s. Actually it was a little work which I had to finish at three days ago but unfortunately I had some problems with my PC/)_(\
But I am happy that all is fine now. You know, loss of work - is like a little lokal armageddon for artist^^
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