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На днях закончил картинку скетчик которой пылился у меня уже наверное около полугода.
Картинка аля "нарисуй одну половинку и вторая нарисуется сама"X)
Нет серьезно, стражники ведь это по сути клоны - доказано каноном, так что можна))
Античная архитектура так же допускает симметрию как один из ее элементов, так что и тут сия идея оправдана))
Ну и поней в анфас я так же еще не делал=3

I’ve finished recently a picture, which sketchie gathered dust already for about half a year.
It is a picture like “draw one half and the second half goes ready by itself”X)
No, seriously, those guards are kind of clones by nature – canon proved, so it might be))
Antique architecture allows also symmetry as one of its elements, so here the idea is also excused))
Well, I haven’t drawn also the full-faces ponies yet =3

Something like this:
Empress of all of Equestria by Yakovlev-vadangerlestia by Yakovlev-vadThinking :3 by Yakovlev-vadUltima ratio of Emperor by Yakovlev-vad

Thanks to :icongrimnir11: for translation)
And thanks to all who's supporting me at I really appreciate your support))
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I remember when I first saw it on EQD. Truly a stunning piece of art. :la:

this has been my PS4 background image for awhile now. great piece.

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So only half of the image was drawn? XD

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~Hooves on the floor, we bust through the door,
say no more as we then explore where your loyalties lie,
look to the sky where royalty flies, can't foil our eyes.~

~Better fear us and our trump card,
come near us and we'll go hard,
and so far there's no star brighter than one, praise the sun!~

-- Jyc Row & Francis Vace - Celestial Berserkers
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Wow Wow! ! it's so realistic! Heart
Really Awesome and very very beautiful, Congratulations! :D (Big Grin)
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Princess Celestia Savior of Equstria.
She looks like Heroine NEVER Giap.Princess Celestia Icon Profile Princess Celestia (laugh) plz 
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"you wanna mess with my ponies? Well go ahead and try it!"
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Absolutely love her eye's.    ^^  

And good work with that armor along her wing's, I truly believe it move with her wing's regardless of what they'd be doing.   Like for example ~ Flapping or simply being tucked against her side's.   ^^   
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Минут 15 рассматривал этот шедеврThat's flattering ~~ [BSD | Dazai Osamu Icon]  
Her Highness Celestia, by the grace of Faust Princess of Equestria.
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I fucking love Celestia . Solar Empire forever !
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Товарищ, обладатели таких умений рисования в избытке...
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Beautiful and well-done, first thought was that the guards were taller than they should've been, but maybe the fact that Celestia has descended a few steps more than they have accounts for the apparent difference in height?
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Insert Kanye West Power
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Это Шедевррр!
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If critiques were enabled, I would've reviewed this.

Either way... I love your art style. It took you about 5 hours I believe? :? I especially like Celestia's mane. It may not be the same as the original show, but your choice. =P
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Today (6 of November in old style) the day of 100 years of Great Socialistic Revolution in Russia, let's say NO TO IMPERIALISM AND MONARCHY. We must destroy it in the name of Lenin! In the name of Marks! In the name of SOCIALISM!
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Not sure I am ardent fan of socialism, cuz in real history of USSR it has a lot of cons for society, but I really love some ideas of it)
Anyway I think it is a really hard theme for discussing cuz any great idea could be perverted in the future, and the ideal remains only in our minds((
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Yeah that is true, so I think, here no place to politics!
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damn this is amajjjjjjjing :) Love this! Keep up the good work!!
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The feathers have texture!!!!YOU'RE TEARING ME APART 
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