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I'll catch you!

Sometimes I wonder by myself how much stupid ideas visiting my head, but precisely such ideas make me smile)

So: I think everyone saw how cats playing with laser pointer. They see nothing except target and can break something while running around the room.
And now imagine the same situation but with little pony instead little cat.
Destruction will be doubled! :D

Also, should the princess worry about the mess? =3
Of course not, cuz she have a servants who cleaning all in the castle... each time.
Damn, I can only imagine how much the royal servants hate princesses for such tricks^^

In extreme cases, you can always blame the younger sister^^
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"I'll catch you! I'll catch you!"

Love the slippers^^

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No! Bad Celestia! Bad alicorn! Look at the mess you've made!



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Kratus: *snickering while pointing with the laser pointer* Oh, how much I missed doing this sort of thing.
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That is just awesome!
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good think pony are not like cat's!
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there is a fanfict that fits this picture
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There is? All i ask is where! :D
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Chrysalis getting Celestia out of the castle before next invasion attempt.
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She'll need a plan for the other Princess's 
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Celestia: *Look cake* You belong to Me!!!!!!!
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Cute! Random question what art program do you use?
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I suppose she needs to burn some energy after all. :D
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how about: Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer [MLP Fanfic Reading] (Comedy):…
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This is very disrespectful to Celestia!

...more of this please. It is cute as hell!
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Lol very funny one is Chaos or Rainbow doing tis
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Oh please say some pony gets back at Luna 
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My sister's house has banned laser pointers. Not because of her cats, but because of their large black lab (Gwen) who will play with the red dot. Probably not as destructive as an alicorn, but destructive enough.

Cute and funny piece!
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