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Time to collect "donations"! :D

Several days ago I decided to rewatch couple of my childhood movies and started from Robin Hood.
This movie was one from my favorite when I was about 5-7 year old so I have a lot of good memories))
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Aw, I love that movie!

Awesome! Robin Hood is my favorite Disney movie!

I was а гeally bаd girl.

Рunish me with уouг diск in mу mоuth!


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This is amazing💖 Great job!

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very cool work

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Nice work!

Nice feet❤️

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Excellent work!

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Classic times with Robin

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*licks his paws* Mmm!

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Great work!

Check these out they are yours:

They help in creating good art works

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why do i realize now that he's not wearing any pants..

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Remembered watching this as a kid, nice picture

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Robin Hood is so foxing cool for a Disney film!

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Love it. This was on repeat when I was a child. Probably was the source of my love of cartoons.

Will love to lick those lovely feet.

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